Monday, 24 August 2009

Style Notes: Chanel

Pre-Fall 2009

"There are three things I like about Russia...I love Imperial Russia, from Catherine the Great to Fabergé. I love constructivism, of course. And I love Russian folklore, which is very special. What was fun was to mix it all.”

Karl Lagerfeld, from

I'm loving this collection from Chanel - not only does Lagerfeld use luxe fabrics, plenty of embellishment and rich colours; most of these outfits are very hijab friendly. He featured several long coats and plenty of full length skirts and dresses teamed with stylish jackets...

Back in August last year, I posted about Veronique Branquinho's Spring 2008 collection here, where she also showcased a similar technique of layering short dresses and skirts over longer ones. I definitely prefer Chanel's chic take on the look though:



caraboska said...

Most of this stuff is not just hijab friendly. It's hijab, period! Everything covered but face and hands.

Anonymous said...

I just dont like the hats!


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