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Muslimah Style: Fadzie

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Fadzie
My name is Fadzwani, but my friends call me Fadzie. I've been studying and working in Dublin, Ireland for almost 6 years. Now, I'll be returning home to Malaysia for good this coming August.

My Style

I am truly ordinary person who always into fashion since I was little. However, as I grew up, I realised that being a good Muslimah is always priority to being a true fashionista. So, whenever I get dressed or even before I buy my clothes, I always keep in mind that I am a Muslim and want to keep my modesty. So, I made up my own two rules that at the very least my clothing has to be:

1. Loose
2. Long enough to cover my bum

However, I do admit sometimes those two rules aren't met in what I wear. If that happens, I definitely won't be in my best mood, I could never walk at ease.

I wouldn't say I have a particular style; I could wear something from very casual to glamorous diva. However, I always prefer to wear something simple and sweet. My favourite items of clothing have to be my cardigans. I need plenty of them to cover up my body-fitting tunics and shirts.

When it comes to accessories, I love long necklace or chains. I used to have bundles of beaded long necklaces, but now I am more into chains. I don't wear bangles a lot because I think my current Fossil watch is funky enough! My preferred colours have to be pastel or earth-based tones like black, brown, white and green.

Top Tips

Be confident what you are wearing. After all, is not about being a fashionista. What matters the most is your obedience to Allah's rules.

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Afia AKA Fia_fantasy said...

That`s one unique style! :O
Suits bussiness women perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

Love your style especially the very first pic with the earthy-toned dress <3
"What matters the most is your obedience to Allah's rules." THE BEST answer yet. Mashallah.

Hum said...

I know I keep saying this is my favourite, but her style is so cute Mashallah!

I LOVE the white suit! And her answers.

Great style Mashallah!

Chica said...

oooh cut style... love the pic where she is all black and rown pixie boots. you rock girl

Anonymous said...

Another Malaysian sister with great style mashallah! lol. I really love the first pic. Its so boho and chic.

Anonymous said...

Mashallah she's so pretty! The first pic is my favourite, that dress is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice style and I could definitely use it since I do like wearing pants a lot.

Anonymous said...

mashAllah! I love your style, and I would love to try your style, especially the full white dress! lovely! Nice shoes and pretty handbag. :) Thumbs Up for you! Much love from,, mariam.

karii s. said...

Oh, I definitely love her style in the first picture. Very cute ;)

sue razali said...

Salam all..

well fadzie..i knew u, we stay together @ perumahan SJSI in Paka..neway, u looks so sweet..

sue razali (suha)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah wonderful style and attitude. Love the fact she keeps her identity as a muslim first-Subhanallah

sina said...

Salaams dear sisters,
Sis fadzie said such a beautiful thing
I realised that being a good Muslimah is always priority to being a true fashionista. So, whenever I get dressed or even before I buy my clothes, but many times we forget who decides modesty?Is it our limited mind or is it Allah(swt)? sometimes our nafs makes us think Oh! this is fine and its modest but infact it is not.May Allah guide us all to follow his ahkams.

Amalia said...

You have a lovely style. You look very pretty :)

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Oh I love your style Fadzie!
The use of the earthly tones and blues into black
Oh and those brown boots are adorable!
Thanks for sharing

CB said...

Loved the first outfit...looks great

Hijabi Wanna-bee said...

Wow, I love her style! :D

PS: Sister, I hope you don't mind but I tagged you.

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

niceeeeeeee and i agree that religion MUST be put before FASHION- YET THAT DOESNT MEAN you have to dress as a grandma. just be creative!

elia mohamed said...

she looks great in the top left photo, masya Allah! love the outfit, think i'm gonna copy the look :)

Naz said...

i adore your outfits! great role model.

Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah i love the top left pic :) that top is amazing.. have to agree with her top tip.. I never feel comfortable if im not confident in my clothes as a muslimah as salah is important esp when im out and about

irina safitri said...

I luv your first picture....
Brilliant mix n match idea!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it..just wanna know where you get it?


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