Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Holiday Style Snaps: Hijabi Trends

During my stay in Lebanon, I got to get a good look at what women on the streets were wearing, and there were a few definite trends that came up:

Lebanese Style

Maxi dresses were the must-have fashion item this summer. Every single shop I walked into had these in stock, usually in loud, colourful prints. Most hijabis layered these over long sleeve tees, and matching scarves. However, I added a bolero on top, which is a great way to cover up 'messy' layers, especially with strappy summer dresses. These too were widely available in assorted colours and fabrics.

Instead of going for a matching pink or white shoe, which would have been 'proper' Lebanese style, I went for peep-toe wedges in beige. One thing I did notice is that very few people used clothing and accessories in neutral shades - though I think it's a chicer alternative to wearing matching colours head to toe!

What did you think of Lebanese Muslimah style? More to come soon!


Amalia said...

I love the maxi dress style. I have bought 3 this summer. I am desperately searching for a light weight white cardigan though to go with the dresses and can't find one anywhere.

Anonymous said...

salamualaykom dear jana,
it's absolutely adoreable. here in toronto i have not seen any muslim sister dress up like that...usually they go with jeans, dress pants, or skirts but this looks gorgeous. gotta try that:)


Anonymous said...

Maxi dresses are the best, soo glad they seem to be staying in style!
Good point about messy layers, I always think there's something a bit 'eh' about just putting a long sleeved top under something skimpy but I can't quite put my finger on it!

Ps, early Ramadan Mubarak to you too! ;)

mari said...

me loves maxis!! oh, and love ur blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that you? you look lovely!

pineappleslice said...

is that you, Jana? masha'allah whoever it is is beautiful!

and I love that style...though in the American South, you'd be hard-pressed to find a bolero okay to wear during summer...

Anonymous said...

I also love maxi dresses but cannot find one that would fit me as am only 5"2 .

but i have seen some great ones

hijabichica said...

i love that style, unfortunatly i can't pull off maxi dresses, im too short :( but it looks beautiful on her mashallah

Jana said...

Thank you :)

It is me indeed (should have made that clearer I guess!)

Anon 3, hijabichica, I'm 5"2 myself so you can definitely pull it off! Maxis look great on all heights!

Ayesha said...

ASA! For those of you a little on the shorter side (I'm only 5'4")try wearing wedges, or high sandals. Works for me and sooo cute.

lebnadeen said...

Thank you Jana. You look lovely. And yes maxi dresses are so popular this summer here in beirut. And the bolero trick is useful i always do it.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

You look absolutely fabulous! This is my favourite style also at the moment. I guess light boleros or gardigans are out of fashion at the moment, because I have had difficulties to find them.

wassalaam Maryam from Finland


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