Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Keffiyeh Hijab Style


Keffiyehs, or Palestinian scarves, have been around as part of mainstream fashion for quite a while now, though long after they were an essential of peace activists' rally outfits!

Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate keffiyehs into your hijab style. This first video by Egyptian hijab stylist Yassmin Mohsen shows one way of wrapping it as a headscarf. I also love the idea of wearing keffiyehs or other square neck scarves in addition to the usual hijab wrap - especially with Spanish style scarves where they provide the necessary neck and chest coverage without compromising style, just as Yassmin is wearing it herself in this video:

This video from YouTube user chinchillitac shows more ways of wrapping the keffiyeh:


Hijab Chic said...


Anonymous said...

salam aleikum sisters,
nice look, but i find it a little bit funny that the girl in the video has as a "bonnet" a scarf with cannabis leaves on... :-) one love.

hina said...

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check it out! i got really nice stuff from them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love using the keffiyah around the neck but I've never thought about using it as a hijab! It looks nice, gotta try it out :)

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Thank you for sharing the videos
take care

Fatima said...

Salaam! I absolutley looove your blog. I just subscribed. I adore the idea of the keffiya hijab, and your videos are so heelpful!
So I recently started wearing hijab, and soon after seeing all the incredible muslim fashion blogs (like yours!) I decided to start one myself. Check it out?

Maryam Hajar said...

Abaya style hits the run way in France:

Anonymous said...

I like this vid but what happened to your outfit ensembles??? The fashion show stuff does nothing for me. Please bring back the "look books!"

malizea said...

Mashallah I really like this style!

Constructive Attitude said...

I've been wearing my dads.
So surprised that they come in so much variety.


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