Sunday, 5 July 2009

Faith helps shape fashion designer's vision


caraboska said...

That is one thing I wish I had more access to - information on how to execute the traditional embellishments that go into all of those beautiful looks. I'm happy for Nida Makhdoom that she has the opportunity to do that internship in Morocco masha'Allah!

Janet Baker said...

Best of luck to Nida! May modesty in dress pervade all cultures, from east to west. Christians, too, have a tradition in modesty in their civilizations, but alas, our countries are highjacked now by immodesty. In fact, traditional dressing in all cultures, which was to my knowledge always modest, is very much more fashionable than undressed modern times. I know at my church, where we women wear skirts or dresses, sleeves, and cover our hair inside the church, we really have a lot of fun designing and sewing modest but pretty clothing. (It's hard to find dresses for day wear anymore, you almost have to make them.) Nida has the right idea!


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