Friday, 10 July 2009

D.I.Y. Style: Tunics

Making your own clothing is a really valuable skill, especially for Muslimahs who find it difficult to find appropriate clothes ready made. And not only is it cost-effective, it also allows you to tailor the garments to your exact measurements to guarantee a modest, but flattering fit.

One of the easiest ways to start is to follow a ready-made template. You can find many of these in craft shops, but following the lines of a garment you already own can also work. A simple sleeveless tunic/dress is great to start with because it will usually be made up of either 2 or 3 large rectangular pieces of fabric which only need to be hemmed and sewn together.

Before the summer holidays started, my mum decided she wanted to have a go at making me a tunic to take on holiday. Below is a brief chart of her efforts:

Fabric, measuring tape and pins to get started

Close up of the pattern

We used a ready-made dress as a template; this one had two panels
of fabric at the back, one at the front, and a ruched hem

The finished product
; we tried adding a small lace panel at the neckline

Close-up of the neckline

Hopefully that's inspired you to try out your own projects; if any readers have any they'd like to share, do send them in!


Fatty said...

Definitely inspiring! There are some really great fabric shops out there and I often pass them by with a sigh because of my lacking sewing skills! I think I may start off with a hijab actually, a Turkish-esque inspired one!

Anonymous said...

thats really nice and cute! you've inspired me to attempt to make my own clothes. =)

caraboska said...

I have been busy collecting patterns to redo my wardrobe. Most of these are vintage patterns bought on E-bay and other places. By combining a couple of caftan patterns (the kind with no sleeves, just an armhole all the way down at the wrist) and inserting the modified front of a two piece-dress that has a huge cowl covering almost the entire front and back of the top, I've figured out an abaya design with a long tail that can be draped across the chest and over the head as a hijab. When I get it made insha'Allah I'll send a pic, in the meantime I give the idea in case someone else wants to try something similar.

Cecilia said...

masha´allah! that is pretty!

Sofia said...

I too have been wanting to make my own clothes for a long time. I just didn't know where to start!
I think it's a great to design your own clothes, it gives you much more choice in terms of colour and print of the fabric and you can add your own details like laces or sequins.
This has inspired me to make my own clothes and for my daughters!

Thank you sister Jana.


Hijab Chic said...


Organica said...

I love it! I wish I could learn.

Ashi said...

oh wow, u guys did a great job with that!

my mum is a tailor, exceptionally good at it too, she does dressmaking for alot of the pakistani ladies around here so never really gets time for me.

but im working on a few tunics and dresses myself as ive finished uni, maybe i'll share them here if anyone would like to see my effort? =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cute! Really inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

wow! I love it! I have a sewing machine but cant figure out how to use it. this has def inspired me to get it out of the cupboard. Any tips on where to buy nice fabrics? Also - are sleeves difficult??

caraboska said...

Are sleeves difficult? Depends what kind. Kimono sleeves are easy because they're cut in one with the bodice. Maybe you want to start from there. The other kinds are a little more work, although if you're using a pattern, there should be instructions which will tell you what you need to know.


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