Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Designer: Beena Soni

Beenas is a luxury brand in the UAE that specialises in jalabiyahs. Popular with members of royalty, they are definitely some of the most beautiful, and well-crafted dresses I've seen. These photos are from the Abu Dhabi Bride Show in 2008:

An article about Beena from the Khaleej Times says:

“I use all kinds of silk — Indian raw silk — chiffon and georgette. My designs go well with machine and hand embroidery as well. I have a new collection with handpainting,” she informs.

In fact, Beena’s jalabiyas are distinguished by their cut for she prefers to use unconventional ones. She uses different patterns to combine traditional Arabic elements with western influences mainly in the colour and combination of material. “I always strive to create something unusual. Initially they say ‘No’ and later they say ‘Wow,’” Beena adds.

Read more here.

Check out the website to see the latest designs:


kakchik said...

assalamualaikum sis jana.
subhanallah... all of them looks so gorgeous! the best that i like is the light blue one.
i wonder how much that is.
if in malaysia, they would be proudly wear to special occasions but that purple one i think can be my daily office wear, hehe.

caraboska said...

The one in the upper right hand corner is particularly beautiful masha'Allah. Have bookmarked her web site, jaw-droppingly wonderful story of how she got started in her career. Again, masha'Allah!

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah! What beautiful colors and designs. I can't find any on the website that I don't like. She seems inspired by vintage designs as well as Far East and Asian and the colors are gorgeous together!!

Anonymous said...

mashallah; I'm very proud of these up-coming fashion designers that inshallah will be known internationally. Jana I have a query to tell you about---a dear friend of mine has made me aware, apparently, that the Daily Express are wanting to ban the hijab in the UK. Could you confirm/deny this allegation? I will very much appreciate it. God Bless you.

ichaya said...

Sorry, I couldn't access her site, there's no enter key on the page requesting your name and phone number and email... Could you tell me how to get into the site pls? Thanks! :)


Ashi said...

i love this! reminds me a whole lot of banarasi sarees from india...the dresses are in lovely colours and styles =)


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