Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer Style: All White

Staying cool in the summer can be a real challenge, especially when you wear hijab. Thankfully there are several things you can do to avoid getting too hot. But firstly, I think it's important to remember that everyone feels the heat in summer, no matter what they're wearing. In fact, you'll actually feel a lot cooler if your skin is covered up from the direct sunlight, as well as protecting yourself from sunburn.

My favourite garment to wear here in Lebanon is a white linen skirt. Lighter colours reflect sunlight so that you hardly feel the heat; white is easily paired with any other colour, but also looks great on it's own!

Designers have come up with many all-white looks, including maxi dresses for day and evening, and trouser suits with long jackets. I particularly like the tiered jacket by Aquascutum.

More summer style tips to come soon!

Elie Saab; YSL

Juan Carlos Obando; Dennis Basso

Ruffian; Sophie Theallet


Trouser Suits

Aquascutum; Akris



Hijab Chic said...

I liked the white maxi dress by Ruffian, so chic!

Candice said...

I hate strapless, but I still love the second dress. I love the way it falls and it looks so soft!

Louiza said...

I totally agree with remembering that everyone's feeling the heat - every time someone asks if I'm really hot in my hijab, I'm like "of course I'm hot, it's a sunny day, aren't you?"

Anonymous said...

While it's true everyone feels the heat during summer, for me personally pashminas and crepe/polyester hijaabs don't mix with summer heat.

Does anyone know where to find fashionable cotton or linen hijaabs online?

Anonymous said...

I find that white make's ppl look beautiful. lolllll. I really do! It is such a simple and pure colour. Suits everyone. As for the heat, it is best to wear long dresses, skirts or abayas because it lets a lot of air through the bottom. The more loose the clothing is, the more cooler one will feel.

Laura said...

Hello, I love your site! I have a Mennonite fashion site inspired by yours, but I have to disagree. I spent a day in full hijab last summer, to walk for a day in the shoes of another, if you will, with my friend from Saudi Arabia and another non-Muslim Canadian woman. I wanted to see how Canadians treat Muslims. Anyway, it is DEFINITELY hotter than a t-shirt and shorts, or skirt. It's not nearly as hot as I thought it would be, but there's no question that it's not as cool as feeling the breeze on your skin. If you'd like to read about that day, you can at

Laura said...

I think you're right - if I'd been in a white cotton hijab with a light skirt underneath, it would have been a lot cooler than the black polyester one with jeans!


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