Sunday, 21 June 2009

Style Spotlight: Punchy Pink

Beautiful shades of hot pink were seen in many designer's collections for Spring 2009. These are a few of the more modestly inclined outfits.

Reem Acra showcased a pleated pink maxi skirt with a delicately embroidered jacket. Salvatore Ferragamo also went for pleats, but chose to incorporate them into a stunning abaya-like maxi dress. La Perla and Andrew Gn added interest to their pink dresses using belts. I personally wouldn't wear this colour from head to toe, but I think it's definitely a fun shade to use for accessories like bags and jewellery:

Reem Acra; Salvatore Ferragamo

La Perla; Andrew Gn



Amalia said...

I love this shade of pink :) I own a few tops this colour and it always makes me feel confident. Like you I'm not sure I'd wear it head to toe though!

yasalmagallery said...

So cute color! I used to make some dresses. Have a look at my simple blog,shows my everyday new design that i sew by my self.

Arfy Majeed said...

I used to work for La Perla about ten years ago, and have always loved their fabrics and cuts.
So nice to see styles that are hijab friendly. I especially love the second pic.
Its so abstract, but I'm usually a sucker for anything pink and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hot pink looks great on tanned skin. Asian girls shouldn't be afraid to experiment with bright colours. I think it rly suits us!

Maryam said...


What pretty shades of pink. I love to wear a pink blazer over a brown abaya/dress.

Jana, do you have any suggestions for hijaab fabric during the summer that will keep cool and still looks good?

Also, Sabrina @ posted some beautiful photos of how she made her Indian wedding gowns hijab-friendly.

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Oh that colour is adorable!

Anonymous said...

the last pink dress is just yummm


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