Monday, 1 June 2009

Six of the Best: Maxi Skirts

A few days ago I posted maxi skirt outfits right off the runway here, and these are my top 6 high street finds. There's something to suit every budget and taste, fom plain to tiered to printed. Drop a comment and let us know where you found your staple summer skirt!

Top left to right:

Daytona skirt £34, Long Tall Sally
White tiered maxi skirt £14, Peacocks
Black voile maxi skirt £22, Dorothy Perkins
Purple check textured maxi skirt £50, Debenhams
Cotton maxi skirt £95, Esprit
Coral maxi skirt £50, Mango


Brownie said...

i love them all specially the red one

Anonymous said...

I'm sucha hippie...I'm excited that there are tons of maxi skirts out now so I can stock up for

I luv the last one the most!!!

Anonymous said...

Peacocks and White Stuff do really nice skirts and dresses. These two shops are my favourite places to shop now, especially for the summer. The clothes are so pretty and generally modest.

Breathe Hijab said...

I love them all!
Ah, it' so hard to find skirts here in Ottawa, Canada!

aisha nur said...

i just got two skirts today!! one turqiose and one brown from macy's.
i rly love them, but i feel like they only look good with a plain shirt on top. and that can get a little tight sometimes. do you guys have any advice for what to wear on top of a skirt like these??

karii s. said...

Oh I love that last one! I get mine from a local Singaporean store called This Fashion/Alano (both under the same company). They're possibly the only store offering affordable maxi skirts here.

sumera said...

hello karii
i also lives singapore

Hasana said...

Salam Jana

I just want to know how you sisters keep your skirts down? from floating away with the wind and revealing your legs? I'm super paranoid about this
please help


Anonymous said...

Hasana: I usually wear non-seethrough tights or leggings, it helps :)

Anonymous said...

I love the last skirt from Mango, and when i wanted to buy it online, it didn't had in size 12.

Anonymous said...


Matalan have loads of nice tunics and long maxi skirts in. Just been in store today just thought i'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

i love all these skirts but love the last one from mango the most,,i would appreciate if someone told me where i can get it from because i dont seem to find it on the mango site....jazakallah

wa salaam..

Anonymous said...

Salam Jana..
Can you make a post about what to wear on top of maxi skirts? I have tons of maxi skirts I bought from Saudi and I don't seem to use them much! unfortunately :( so can you help?
Thanks for the wonderful blog

nna said...

love the purple one...


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