Monday, 22 June 2009

More Ways to Wear a Maxi

If you need any more ideas of how to hijabify that maxi dress, the runways provide plenty of inspiration. Try experimenting with light parkas or cropped jackets like those seen at Akris and Y & Kei. Or try teaming structured blazers with dresses that have full skirts like those at Carolina Herrera.

Alternatively, a long, soft cardigan is a wardrobe staple and can be used to provide coverage even with maxis. Which style do you prefer?

Akris; Y & Kei


Carolina Herrera

Adam; Diane von Furstenberg


Just Cavalli; Duro Olowu



Umm Kadhim said...

Assalaam aleikoem

Oh that one from Duro Olowu is lovely.

wa aleikoem salaam

karii s. said...

I feel that it depends on the occasion; if I wanted to look more regal and formal, I'd choose the jacket but if I wanted to soften the look, I'd wear the maxi with a cardigan.
But, ahhh, those maxi dresses are just gorgeous!

Arfy Majeed said...

I love the dresses with jackets by Carolina Herrara.

Another style I recommend is a bolera the same colour as your accessories, or hijab.

kakchik said...

nice idea. i like the one by akris the best.

star said...

check this store

they offer great bargains!

Dedra said...

i'm drooling at them all

Ashi said...

im liking the second pic with the grey/metalic colours and the carolina herrera look <3

i love the maxi-cardigan-quirky accessories-big bag look...with the customary hijab of course =) said...

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Arielle said...

Okay I apologize times a million if this brings you any problems at all... but I recently posted on a post over at a website/blog called the Frisky where a bunch of women were posting naive/ignorant comments saying that all women who wear hijab are brainwashed and mindless and defending Sarkozy recent proposal to ban burqas in Frace.(

but I linked them to your blog in a hope to educate them on hijab and modest dress and how Muslim women are not oppressed and such. I hope you don't mind and again I am sorry and apologize times a million if this brings you any problems.

Angbeen said...

Oh my gosh, I love both Carolina Herrera pieces! I wish I could own the red/white/black one. The jackets are fabulous too. Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

cardigans are my favorite

mutuelle said...

Nice collections here,I love Arabic style ...Thank you for sharing.


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