Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hijab Stylist: Yassmin Mohsen

Yassmin Mohsen is a famous hijab stylist and model in Egypt. Here she shares with Hijab Style some of her latest shots for a clothing company called Hijab Khan.

In a quick q&a with Yassmin, she maintains that the Spanish wrap will still be amongst the favourites with girls in Egypt. As for her own style, Yassmin says:

"I love the colours red, pink and white. When it comes to clothing it's important to know your body shape to determine what suits it. I personally like smart-casual and semi-formal styles."


butterfly2729 said...

Salam wa alaikum,
Great post, some great style there mashallah.
It's great how you find these pieces from the net mashallah

Inchallah your exams went well?! What are you studying?

Tc! x

ioana said...

Love the 3rd and 9th scarves (shaylas).Wonder where she gets them from.
Thaks Jana, for my daily (or almost) eye-candy;)

rushdina said...! i really like her..even i've referred to her style for my first started modelling job..i love her expression an dpassion towards her style....

Madiha M.K said...

I - LOVE - HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fafa said...

ohh.. i do love her style.

and how did she wrap he shawl?

i wonder..

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Here styles are elegant and frame her face really well.

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah! These are great styles that could be worn daily or for formal occasions.

How is this wrap done? I would really love to know as I'm in such a rut with how to wear my hijaab especially in the warmer summer weather.

Anonymous said...

I love the black and silver jacket and the way she wraps her hijabs!!


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