Tuesday, 5 May 2009

When modesty met style

Here's another article about designer Rabia Z that apppeared in the Khaleej Times:

Mohamad Kadry
3 May 2009

WHEN HER CREATIONS were seen strutting down the catwalk during London’s Fashion Week, she knew that she had finally arrived.

Celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster even flew from New York to support her, and after years of pushing for the evolution of more modest fashion, Emirati-Afghani designer Rabia Zargarpur is finally being recognised as one of the leading fashionistas in Dubai.

What she is calling “conservative couture”, Rabia’s designs are far from being an exclusively Arab or Islamic line.

“Conservative couture is not necessarily for women who wear the hijab (head scarf),” she explained inside the Splash retail store at Oasis Centre where her designs are currently being sold. “Modern yet modest applies to all my labels.”

Rabia, who decided to wear the hijab nine years ago, found it difficult to find clothing that was both stylish and not revealing.

“When I started wearing the hijab in America, my experiences and struggles are what brought the label into life,” she said.

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1 comment:

Ioana said...

As a non-muslim looking always to dress modestly, I'd so love to have Rabia Z.'s shop in my reach.
Who knows, maybe one day.


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