Sunday, 10 May 2009

Taking the veil on campus

This article was publised in the The Daily Princetonian and looks at two girls' experiences of wearing hijab at university in the US:

By Ameena Schelling
Staff Writer

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

As a student at an Islamic private school in the United States, Asma Saud ’12 was required to wear hijab as part of her school uniform beginning in fourth grade. When she arrived on Princeton’s campus almost a decade later, it was up to her to decide whether she wanted to continue.

At a time when many college students are exploring their identities away from home, two female Princeton students who wear hijab said the traditional dress has led them to examine how their choice fits into the dominant campus culture. Wearing hijab, an Islamic practice intended to reinforce modesty, usually involves a woman covering herself completely in public, save for her face, hands and feet.

Before coming to Princeton, Saud noted that she prepared herself for a change of environment, since wearing hijab was not out of the ordinary for her growing up.

“My question on first coming to campus was ‘[Will] I find it hard?’ ” she said. “There was nobody like me on campus. There was nobody I could relate to.”

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1 comment:

Ashi said...

Good on the girls for sticking by their belief and identity, mash'Allah.

I read the comments left under the article, some of them are soo ignorant - its ridiculous! I feel so annoyed at the frustration that builds up inside me when I read such comments, e.g:

"Women wearing hijabs are their husbands and culture's slaves. ewww. I bet they know and just choose to ignore it.
Hijab women=ignorant women. Every respectable muslim pundit on tv fogoes the hijab jail. You are an embarassment to my beautiful religion"

When a woman can walk around with practically nothing on, its all good, you know feminine liberation and all that. But a woman decides to cover up....ohhh noo its thwarting the establishment of freedom of rights for women. The concept of womens rights is so complex - many don't understand the zillion dynamics to a right differs according to how each individual sees it. There needs to be more consideration given to individual perspectives.

Hijab is our right...I hope they get it sometime soon.

[Sorry about the rant :$]


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