Friday, 22 May 2009

Style Spotlight: Maxi Skirts

The Resort 2009 collections are full of awesome hijab-friendly outfits and ideas, from wide-leg trousers to kaftans and maxis. These are just a few from various designers that make great use of maxi skirts.

Roberto Cavalli keeps things simple with a black skirt and blazer, and a bow-front blouse underneath. Lanvin used earth colours in chic fabrics for a more laid-back style, whilst Nicole Miller went for hippie-chic and chose to mix funky prints together. Chris Benz featured a fun colour-block skirt with a light blue jacket layered over a thin blouse. Just roll down the sleeves and add a scarf to any of these looks and you've got a hijab-ready outfit. Which look is your favourite?



Cecilia said...

I love long skirts! they are the best ever!

kakchik said...

They look so modest. The only missing item is the hijab. Love all the skirts.

CareMuslimah said...

Asalaam alaykum sis!.. I have a question. I always wear pants+longtops/shortdresses cause I think I'd look weird wearin maxi dresses or maxi skirts because I'm really short (5ft/1.50mts).

Do you think I should go for maxi dresses or what?

thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...


i LOVE your blog sooo much...
i am very inspired by you,i also would like to study medicine after college!

Keep it up

You Rock!

Your sis in Islam
H xxx

Bobbi said...

I love the blue jacket with multi-colored skirt. Your blog is a real inspiration. May Allah reward you.

Sunni Hijabi said...

I really love that blue over Green, yellow, white, and black! So pretty and elegant!

Madiha M.K said...

I probably already know the answer to my question, but I like other opinions:

How can a midget wear maxi skirts or dresses? LOL

Honestly, I'm mega short. Like 4'10. I'd love to wear skirts but it's such a HASSLE dealing with length and they weigh me down.

I guess I need reassurance lol.

Nihad said...

CareMuslimah .. im with u here... just adore these beautiful maxi dresses but like u im only 5 ft and always worry if i will look like 4 ft wen i wear them.. but i think jana will have some tips for us so waiting for u plez

Jana said...

H and Bobbi, thank you :)

Being too short for a maxi seems to be a very common concern lol! I'm on the short side too, and actually, I find that maxi dresses (if you pick the right one) can make you appear taller.

The key lies in the colour and cut. Choose either a plain coloured dress, or one that has a simple print that is consistent throughout the dress. With regards to cut, I'd say avoid tiered styles, or ones that are too volumious, it will only make you look wider and therefore shorter.

When it comes to covering up the top half, choose something short like a shrug or cropped jacket, rather than a long cardigan. This will also help lengthen the silhouette.

When it comes to skirts, it's pretty much the same idea; try matching the top to the skirt if it's plain, and avoid tiered cuts. For both skirts and dress , try to choose ones that are as long as possible, past the ankles. Anything shorter will just make you look small too.

Hope that helps! Try it out and let me know what you think!

Chica said...

wicked post Jana... loving the 1st and 2nd pics especially!

Maryam Hajar said...

Love this i do all the posts! Your blog, Jana, is one of the first things in my Inbox, that i open when checking my emails. I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with next! So great that maxi skirts and dresses are 'in' this season. It gives us more choices. i'm not the best seamstress, so buying things off the rack is a treat. Lots of scarves in all the stores too! A good time for Muslimahs! Good advice about long skirts. I too find that the longer the better for making one look taller.

Anonymous said...

so is 5'6 considered too short ?

Anonymous said...

I think these skirts are stunning. I like the maxi dress trend as well. I have to wear really high heels for it to work for me though.


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