Saturday, 6 June 2009

Muslimah Style: Rushdina

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Rushdina

My name is Rushdina, I'm 27 years old and from Malaysia. I am an architect, but also do some modelling part time.

My Style

As an architect, I'm under a lot of time constraints. So I need to wear something simple, yet elegant! I will always go with trousers, even if I am wearing a short dress. This kind of outfit will always allow me to move quickly and easily at work.

Out of office hours and during weekends, I usually choose to wear a white shirt and jeans, which I'll match with my sport shoes or wedges. I would love to wear high heels, and I have no choice in wearing 5" high heels during runway shows. But believe me, heels will sometimes kill you and are terrible for your body posture. So, wedges are the best for me!

As for accessories...this is the best part! (Do handbags count?) I love to match my handbag to my outfit, and I love to wear necklaces and bangles too.

For my career as an architect, black will always be elegant. But I'd rather choose warmer colours for myself because they suit my skin tone. Remember - do not be afraid of wearing colour, but learn to choose the right color for your skin tone.

To be honest, Hijab Style has always inspired me; I love to collect all the outfits into my e-wardrobe folder.

Top Tips

As for me, there are two things:

1- Don't be afraid to mix and match
2- Don't be afraid of colour, but learn how to manipulate it

Style yourself and prove yourself; even Muslimahs dare to be styled!

What did you think of Rushdina's style? If you want to be featured on Hijab Style, send in your photos and top tips to hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk

Readers can vote for their favourite entry of the Spring/Summer edition, and the winner will receive a FREE hijab of their choice from The Hijab Shop.


Anonymous said...

She is very stylish and modest as well. Beautiful!

Hum said...

Aw! I like her style Mashallah!

Aisha said...

Wow. Your so pretty!! And I love your dress sense. Especially in the first pic!

elbruze said...

I can't say anything about her style 'cause my favourite is Turkish style. but she is so cute and beatiful.

Sharshura said...

So far she is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I really want to know how she does her headscarf in image number 2. It looks really nice.

Ms. Mango said...

I love her hijabs and colors, very beautiful!

Maryam said...

Masha'Allah, the clothing is beautiful and I like what the sister said regarding color -- I'm guilty of rushing towards black as a safety net, but I'm slowly learning to step out of my comfort zone and love colors. I think fresh, bright colors look brilliant on everyone.

julaybeeba said...

yeah, i was also curious as to how she tied her scarf in the first 2 pics. Would you consider making a tutorial? Thanks?

Anonymous said...

i like the way she tied her hijab in the upper left hand corner... it's not so traditional, y'know? any idea how she did it??

rushdina said...

Salaam..hy guys...thank you for commenting on my style..thanks a lot to Jana on the! seems like everybody wants to know how was the hijab had been tied?? this is the simplest way of wearing long scarf, which i hope all muslimah would learn it..i'll made some demonstration and send it to Jana soon......


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