Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Muslimah Style: Finaz

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Finaz

I'm a 24 year old news reporter for TV9 in Malaysia, and also a part time model for Muslimah magazine NUR.

My Style

I love wearing my hijab the way Arab girls do, not so much in the Malaysian style. I like wearing cardigans and jeans with wedge shoes. My favourite items of clothing have to be my hijabs - if I go shopping, hijabs will be my first priority. When it comes to accessories, I like to keep things simple, but if I'm wearing plain shirt, I'll go with long necklace that matches the colour of my hijab. I'm also a big fan of rings, and plenty of colour!

Top Tip

Don't be afraid to be in style! We all have good style, we just need to work on bringing it out. For example, you can imitate styles you see on TV - just hijabize it!

What did you think of Finaz's style? If you want to be featured on Hijab Style, send in your photos and top tips to hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk

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CikJu said...

soo sweet Masha-Allah. I know TV9 has pretty malaysian muslimah with right attitude too. Keep it up. Finas,why they've stop putting "Busana" tv9 program online? :(.

By the way, Am malaysian living abroad but love articles by Jana. The clothings/outfits reccommended were modest and not too extravagant yet elegant. I live in the netherlands right now and I've seen many morrocan and turkish muslimah putting together their hijab and outfir which sometimes i thought way more elegant than the dutch people themselves, I guess they are very smart doing "layering". I 've also seen they put knee lenght skirt together with pants..and I still wonder how to put that together without emphasizing the waist area so much.

any readers (or jana) can show me how to put it up together?

HijabChic said...

I love her style!
The pink & green hijab looks great on her :)

angel girl said...

mashallah finaz is beautiful.... i think that all the styles look good on her ,but the khaleeji style doesnt do her enough justice (thats my opinion).... i think she looks prettiest in the pink floral hijab ...!
keep it up finaz ....may allah bless u <3

Hum said...

I really like her style Mashallah!

Anonymous said...

Salam Sister,

I love the way arab girls do their hijab too..but i can neva seem 2 get it right! Can u show me how u did tour hijab in tthe 3rd pic?


x l said...

Awww, masha'Allah.. She's adorable. Love the pink & green one! :)

Anonymous said...

i like the pink Hijab in the second pic...
what does Fianz mean?

CareMuslimah said...

beautiful sister mashallah!! :D

Sunni Hijabi said...

Shes beautiful. I love that pink, and lime green hijab combo she's wearing.

Alhamdulilah there are many Muslim women doing many things!! :D

sabrina said...

she looks like a little doll mashallah:)

Anonymous said...

The pink and green hijab is lovely.

nollie said...

In reference to the first post: I've always wondered too how we can pull off a cardigan + knee length + pants/skirt combo without looking like the body is cut in 3 pieces?

Would appreciate everyone's tips thanks!

I like the outfit in the 1st pic, very modest and looks breezy in a hot country like Malaysia!

*~Ange~* said...

i think she looks nice in the hijabs but like someone already said - i dont think the khaleeji style really suits her. she looks soooo much cuter in the coloured styles.

CikJu said...

I think you can see more of Finaz here.


Afia AKA Fia_fantasy said...

U look gorgeous, Kak Finaz! :]
Loving the styles -- Especially the green-pink one! So full of Lifee! :]

P.S. Jana, can younger readers contribute too? As in 14-15 years old? I just see adult readers contribute. Not sure if younger ones are allowed though. Pls reply, thankies. :]

Jana said...

CikJu and nollie, it can be done, but I find it's way too bulky and uncomfortable! To avoid it looking like too many separate pieces, try wearing a simple top in the same colour as the skirt - it'll look almost like a tunic over trousers!

And I too used to watch Busana on the internet - such a shame it's gone!

Afia, sure they can, but I'd advise anyone under the age of 16 to get parental permission first.

ellen557 said...

Her makeup is fantastic! All her hijabs are too, but wow, her makeup is great >.<

hippie_cyndi said...


CuTi3_p3aNut said...

salam girls!!!

ohhhh....tq for d comments.. ;)
Cikju tq for d link too!! hehehehehee..

NUR YASMIN said...

Salam Subhanallah she is sooo sweet love the way she tie her hijab . though i don't wear a hijab but INSHALLAH one day.


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