Thursday, 21 May 2009

Muslim fashion: 'Anyone can wear these clothes'

Remember my post about the Elenany launch? The Guardian has finally posted the video report from the event which includes a little appearance from me. The bit they chose to include is basically where I talk about trying to cater for different dress preferences within hijab, and how I like to keep a positive vibe on the blog. I was really nervous, as you can probably tell! I can't post the video here, but do check it out at this link. Let me know your thoughts :)


Saloua said...

Awww bless you, you did seem a little nervous, but you were very professional and did a good job :D
Did you buy anything from her??

ioana said...

Hey, Jana!
You don't look overly nervous; maybe for those who know you, your being serious is a sign of nervousness:)
You looked good in that light blue coat-dress; I saw it featured before here on the that is how it looks like in real life!

Vanthy said...

Assalaamu Alaikum sista!

-- Mashallah! That was a wonderful clip, and you are beautiful! I love your blog and I am so happy I came across it. Just recently coming into Islam, I am trying to adjust my style and hijab so that I am comfortable with who I am and the way I present myself. Your blog gives me so many great ideas, and I wish you could help with U.S. based websites when you are giving out links. Or maybe I can give you a few, and you pick out the outfits! :)

washi said...

Hey Jana, you were know I think you rock!! It was such a treat to see you on video so I could see that the way you taught me to wrap my shayla is correct...btw you looked gorgeous :-D

Shaesta said...

nice one!

do u know what the name of the music is in the clip? esp the last one...

Hum said...

Hey Jana,

You were a little nervous, but I felt you were professional and got your point across really well.

Also your hijab style was amazing!

Mujahada said...

I like the stuff I see and you look really cute masha'Allah :D

Anonymous said...

oh i love the clothes! and you did a great job, not looking nervous at all. i would have died with that camera in my face. i love your blog, you do a great job!


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