Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Modest Street Style

I recently came across this street style shot and was pleasantly surprised as you don't often find hijab-appropriate pictures! I love this girl's maxi dress with a subtle print. She's kept accessories simple, but toughened up the floaty dress with a black leather belt to give it a city-chic feel. Just add a plain hijab and sleeves, and as a Muslimah you're good to go.

Image: Stylefinder.com


Majda said...

That is a ridiculously beautiful dress.

Rubina said...

I adore your blog, i check it every day twice a day. You have truly inspired me with your blog. The style is so chic and funky. I always had this false perception that when adorning the hijaab you end up looking drab and 10 years older. It is nice to see young hip women in hijab living their life and having fun but still maintaining modesty. Thank you for the stunning blog. This dress looks gorgeous! Hope your exams went well.

meroo said...

وهمى الفستان ده بجد...حلو اوى ياريت يبقى عندى واحد زييه

caraboska said...


Amira said...

Nice dress! Great for an evening reception.

Good to have you back!


Anonymous said...


I would like to thank you for your blog, it's amazing :) i became muslim 2 years ago and started wearing the hijab a few months ago. alhamdulillah i feel so happy now. your blog was an inspiration and helped me take the big step :)

i am finding my own funky style thanks to your posts :) even non-muslims like my hijab! lol


Anonymous said...

I wonder where this dress it from?


Ws Jen

salma said...

i often find outfit inspiration like this which is chic yet modest from japanese fashion magazine. you should give it a try... japanese women seem have more interest in long sleeve clothes and long skirt compare to western.

cocoamel said...

The dress is simply stunning =)


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