Friday, 15 May 2009

Cool Spring Style

A few days ago I decided to browse Topshop and bought this lovely short-sleeved coat on sale for £25. It's a great update on the traditional trench coat and I especially loved the fresh mint colour. I'd wear it open over this pretty ditsy print dress, which incidentally fits really well, flowing away from the body but without being bulky. Jeans, a long sleeve top underneath and a white hijab form a simple base. I'd add a jade handbag and grey pumps to mix cool aqua shades this spring:

Cool Spring Style

Puff sleeve coat £25, Topshop; blue/green ditsy crochet dress £35, Dorothy Perkins; white hijab £4.95, Hijab Store Online; indigo mooch wide leg jean £40, Topshop; jade green rouched pocket bag £30, Miss Selfridge; long sleeve top £7, Topshop; Boat Race pump £39.99, Clarks.


Anonymous said...

jana ur a genius


caraboska said...

There is one thing that prevents that dress from being completely ditsy: the crocheted yoke. Honestly, I'd do something very different with it. Probably a black top to showcase the crochet (it'll peek out from in between the threads), black jeans and shoes to match. I think if I did the trench at all, it would pick up the green in the dress. That sleeve shape in combination with the long sleeve of the undershirt is very nice. The hijab style is gorgeous, the white/cream color I'd probably also go with. Only how to drape it so the crocheted lace is displayed, but other things that should not be displayed - aren't?

Maryam Hajar said...

Nice collection, but seeing the long sleeved undershirt with a sleeveless top/dress, looks a little strange to me whenever i see this done..but i'm just not accustomed to the look, i guess. To me, it looks too awkwardly layered. i understand that we have to cover our arms, but just a nice long sleeved top looks better. this is all a matter of taste, i realize.

Linda said...

Alsalam Alaikum... I live in Canada and I wanted to know if there are any stores that you know of that would ship to Canada and would still have the beautiful clothing that are Hijab appropriate... The items that you post on your site are amazing.. I just wish I could get them... Jazakallah khair..

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!

Deen Designs said...

Salaams, mmm yummy outfit! love the colours.Keep up with the great work, love the site!

Louiza said...

I agree with Maryam that long-sleeved tees under sleeveless tops can look a little weird, but with the short-sleeved trench on top I think it'll look awesome :) Gorgeous outfit btw Jana, I love it (and all things floral)!!

Anonymous said...

Aslaam alaikum sister Linda,

My name is Nadia and I also live in Canada. I recently visited England and found their styles much more hijab friendly (in particular all the long skirts easily available compared to us in Canada.

Here are a couple of stores that will ship to Canada:

P.S. I just found this blog recently and absolutely love it! Thank you very much for putting this together! :)

Jana said...


Here are a couple of Canadian sites:

There are plenty of UK-based stores that ship overseas, you'll just have to check them individually, e.g.


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