Friday, 29 May 2009

Islamic Fashion Festival 2009: Day 1

This year's Islamic Fashion Festival took place on 25th-26th of May in Jakarta, and featured a range of designers from across Malaysia and Indonesia. I think this year might be my favourite yet! You can see photos from previous seasons here.

Tom Abang Saufi:

Khoon Hooi:

Rudy Chandra:

Ghea Panggabean:

Ida Royani:

Sebastian Gunawan:

Images: Reuters and Getty Images


Cecilia said...

I like it :)

Rere said...

it's Jakarta, dear. Not Jakarata. lol.

Anonymous said...

I love it all! Masha-Allah..I like the flow of the material and the colours too simply amazing!

khadija said...

Absolutely beautiful outfits. I love Tom Abang Saufi's first two pictures in particular - so elagant and stylish! x

Ariel said...

Wow I love Itang Yunasz's look. Proper hijab, although I like the way you can still see the outline of the neck and such.

Not sure if it's proper hijab though... But I feel like it probably is.

caraboska said...

That Itang Yunasz dress - such a wonderful idea masha'Allah!

Royan said...

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Insha Allah She is will open online shop soon.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Ghea Panggabean... it looks the most elegant and traditional Indonesian/Javanese.


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