Sunday, 17 May 2009

'I wear the hijab with understanding and pride’

This article was published in Scottish paper The Herald a few days ago:

The hijab has become a source of debate in Islamic cultures and western society alike. Is it a tool of male dominance of the social order, confining and limiting Muslim women? Or is it a form of protection, releasing them from the pressure to be defined by looks?

Hijab is a form of dress which covers most of a woman's body. However, unlike the niqab, which was banned by a Muslim jewellery shop in Glasgow last week after male robbers used one as a disguise, it does not cover the face and the hands are left visible.

The Herald asked a group of Scottish Muslim women from a range of backgrounds and of different ages why they choose to wear it, and what impact it has on their lives.

Read the rest here.

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