Thursday, 21 May 2009

Felix Fashion Feature

Our uni newspaper, Felix, did a headscarf feature on the fashion pages of their latest issue! A friend of mine shows how to wrap a few crazy, funky styles and Hijab Style gets a mention too! It's all a bit of fun, and the FAQ's tongue-in-cheek. I tried to scan the double-page spread best as I could; click on the images to enlarge:


Ariel said...

hey love just wanted to let you know that the third picture isn't linked to anything.

Shame because I'd love to read the rest of this article.

Thanks! I'll definitely be back to see it

Shehejaan and Navab said...


Your blog is so nice.

Amalia said...

That's a really fun article!

Mehwaesh said...

Thanks for sharing this Jana! :-)


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