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Famous Faces: Amal Soliman

Amal Soliman

Amal Soliman is an Egyptian Muslimah who became the Muslim world's first maazoonah, or female marriage registrar, in October 2008. She fought off competition from 10 other male candidates; standing out with her Master's degree in Sharia law, which none of others held. However she was met with resistance at every stage, with many claiming that the post of marriage registrar was not appropriate for females.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera she said:

"When I applied the man at the desk laughed openly at me and said that is was just not possible. He imagined I would go home and forget about it, but instead I argued and told him that I had studied Sharia Law and I know it is an administrative job."

Read the rest of the interview here.

Speaking about her position she also says:

"I will be in a better position than my male counterparts, as young women planning to get married would feel more comfortable in running a woman to woman talk and giving their direct consent to the contract," she further added. This also holds true in cases of divorce as women would find it easier to talk to a female registrar than a male."

Read more in this article from Al-Ahram here.


caraboska said...

So happy for Amal masha'Allah that she has this opportunity to do good for her community :)

Maryam Hajar said...

Masha Allah!! congratulations, Alma, a strong, educated Muslimah... who wisely negotiated and 'got the job'!! we need more women in the field such as yours. i am an MSW-- social worker who would like to work as a marriage and family counselor in a Muslim community in the U.S..anyone have an idea for the need and/or opportunities? Love how she (you)wears her hijab...

Anonymous said...

salam aleikum, sister i'm traveling to London (UK) soon InshaAllah and i wondered if you could name some good stores for modest muslimah like me.. where you can get your abaayas and stuff like that.. also if you know some good stories with varieties and good prices :) jzkallah khair sister loveur blog x :)

hippie_cyndi said... this is the face of feminism in the 21st CE.

clare said...

Mash'Allah that's awesome! Wonder where she got her degree...

Aisha Baranowska said...

Mubarak, Sister! Well done! :) There is nothing written that a woman cannot become a qadi (this is only an administrative job, but woman can even be an imaam - when she leads the prayer of other women which is women-only prayer, then she is acting as imaam coz the word imaam means the leader of people in prayer, and we know that a woman may lead jamaa' prayer for ladies so she is an imaam for those ladies who pray behind her, although she is not supposed to run a prayer for men or a whole congregation in which men and women pray together but women stand behind the men, then only a man is supposed to lead the prayer - yet, when only women pray jamaa', then one of them is leading the prayer for them and she is for them an imaam at the time they perform the prayer).
Is that clear? :) A woman who is qadi in Islamic court or registration office - why not? There were lots of Muslim women scholars, I don't see a problem, if a woman knows the sharia even better than a man, then why not? She is competent enough for this position and she also knows what is allowed for her as a woman - so if she knows, then no-one has the right to make forbidden that what is allowed and no-one has the right to deny her job just because she is a woman. Islam respects women; it treats them as humans, intelligent human beings with heart, soul and intellect, just as men. If it were that women in Islam were seen as weak,vulnerable, mentally incapable of doing so-called 'male' jobs, stupid and sinful - then, how could they understand and practise their religion, if their intellect was not equal to the one which men have - then she wouldn't be able to recognise her religious duties and see the importance of faith - but, nay! Verily, Allaah has created men and women equal intellectually and spiritually, and has ordered both of them to worship him and to follow his deen! Allaah gave them hearts and souls that they might be grateful and remember Allaah in their dhikr and prayer; Allaah has sent His final Prophet, salla Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, to both MEN AND WOMEN and both of them are to obey Allaah's commands and they are equal in reward and punishment, as Allaah Ta'ala says in the Holy Qur'an, that translates: '' We will not let any of your good deeds perish, neither those of man, nor those of a woman... '' - and: '' Oh you, who believe! Fear Allaah Who has created you from one noble person [Adam] and has created another one from him to complete [so that men and women may be equal partners wh complete each other], and then has made you nations and clans, so that you may know each other...! '' - indeed, Islam is not against women at all... These are just some people who try to twist the meaning of words to suit their own expectations and religion was always used as an excuse for many injustices that had taken place in the past - it continues until nowadays, but if we know our deen, then we will be always on the right path, inshaa'Allaah and we will keep our religion strong in our hearts, as well as we will keep our minds occupied with the remembrance of Almighty Allaah, subhaana-hu wa ta'aala... :)
Salaam 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi, wa barakaatu-hu!
Aisha Baranowska, UK

Aisha Baranowska said...

By the way, where can you get a MASTER'S DEGREE in Shariah law...?! Perhaps, at al-Azhar University, the oldest one in the whole world, not only a Muslm world, in Cairo...? That's amazing! I wish I could study there!...:)))))


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