Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ex-surfer chick covers up in style

The Sydney Morning Herald just published a piece about Aussie brand Baraka, which I blogged about back in January here. Aside from the cringe-worthy title, it's good to see the media paying attention to Muslimah fashion:

Caroline Marcus
May 24, 2009

GROWING up, Kath Fry was a typical surfer chick from the South Coast - always on the beach in her bikini.

Today the 28-year-old designer is a Muslim and runs her own fashion business that caters to others of her faith who want stylish yet modest clothing.

Ms Fry met her business partner Eisha Saleh, 32, of Chester Hill, when she was studying Islam during her conversion from Catholicism three years ago. She discovered her new faith while working as a garment technician at the clothing chain David Lawrence.

"I had been working in the fashion industry for seven years and I was thinking, 'What is this life about?' " said Ms Fry, who now lives in Roselands.

"I went on a real spiritual journey. I found [Islam] very intriguing. I grew up a little surfer girl, always at the beach. I did not know Islam existed."

Read the rest here.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting story!

Apalling that mainstream media still feel a need to trivialise women.

Anonymous said...

As salam^alaykoum,

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une collection très tendance, qui répond aux femmes qui portent le voile.


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