Thursday, 16 April 2009

Six of the Best: Maxi Dresses

So we've seen what top designers had to offer, now for more affordable maxis! To hijabify your dress, add a light linen blazer, jersey shrug or cardi. Try dressing up with a stacked heel and bangles for evenings, or gladiator sandals for a relaxed holiday outfit. And whatever your needs, the high street is full of beautiful maxis in a range of prices:

Top left to bottom right:

For the young hijabi: Orange foil maxi dress £40, Debenhams
For the trendy hijabi: Orchid maxi dress £83, Fever
For the plus-size hijabi: Paisley maxi dress £28, New Look
For the pregnant hijabi: Print maxi dress £60, Mamas and Papas
For the tall hijabi: Mahayana maxi dress £75, Long Tall Sally
For the chic hijabi: Secret Island dress £65, French Connection


Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah.. i just bought a maxi dress from new look (read 35 quid.. and yes still not working *blush*) its gorgeous now just have to find the right bits to make it workable :D

Iman said...

Wow I love that "secret island dress" - I have been looking for an interesting maxi dress without all the spaghetti sleeves and low cut chests and this is perfect ! Thanks so much for posting, Iman

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love. Please tell me these will never go out of style :)

Elwarda Style said...

I love the middle bottom. I would pair that with red cardigan and pink-ish scarf. :)

Hamdi said...

they're all beautiful :)

jamila said...

Mashallah lovely.

I like the orange one.

I recently brought one from new look too..

kulsuma said...

Mashallah im lovin these maxis!!..
really likin the bottom middle one:)

brought one from new look too, but i think i am bit short for them, as i like wearing flats:S

Anonymous said...

i need to get me some =_)

Ioana said...

I think there's an international conspiration against long sleeves.
Or any sleeves at all.
What's happening, people?
Hunting for a dress with long sleeves tends to be the quest for another Graal.


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