Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Arabian Fashion World Photos

Update: Check out Hijab Style on Vogue.com and my brief write up of the event!

Last night I attended Arabian Fashion World, which I've posted about several times already! The event was fantastic, and it was such a good opportunity to see the designs I blog about first-hand. My favourite of the night was, of course, Rabia Z. I had taken so many photos but for some reason they seem to have disappeared off my camera! These ones really don't do her collection justice - it was honestly some of the most creative hijab fashion I've seen. And if like me, you're eager to get your hands on some of her designs; the good news is that Rabia hopes to stock her collection at UK department stores. What's more is that one of her lines, Ruby, will be especially designed for the affordable price range (think H&M).

Below are some photographers' images, and scroll down to see a few of mine:

Rabia Z:

Samira Haddouchi:

Images: Reuters

These are what's left of my photos (not to be posted elsewhere please):

Jizdaani handbags at the reception:

Aruna Seth's Swarovski studded shoes:

Me with Saudi designer Amina Al-Jassim:

Samira Haddouchi's designs:


Naziehah said...

It looks oh so glam and so much fun! I wish I was there. A

nd finally a peek of your beautiful self :)

Hanoody said...

it was really fun....

Anonymous said...

Salam...what can i say? i really love Rabia Z so well covered her and her designs...she and her designs trully represent the modest but fashionable muslimah...MAshaAllah...
By the way u look so cute in that pic...mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

ooh wow theyr soo nice and u look so nice 2 mashallah i luv the blue cap or is it a scarf underneath luks so cool !!tc

Babli said...

Awesome! RabiaZ Rocks, no doubt..I just love the different style of hijab wraps potrayed in your pics. Simple yet stylish and elegant, especially RabiaZ hijab wrap looks so perfect and beauitful.
I am sure you had a great time at the show!

Zoha said...

i like sooooo many of these - once exams are over we're going shopping to find stuff like this. also u need to show me how to do the hijab lik the sunglasses woman

washi said...

Wow that's amazing and yeah it's great to get a glimpse of you too :-D

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats on the vogue piece!

Anonymous said...

vogue! the clothes are nice and u look really pretty. :D

MARiiAM said...

wow mashallah u look gorg and ur soo lucky to go , hope u had fun

meroo said...

wahmya elblouse elrose movee de awel wa7da


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