Friday, 27 March 2009

Time for Change

Salaam! Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting on Hijab Style. Unfortunately, that time of the year has come round again and exams are on the horizon! So I'll pretty much be minimising any non-essential activity (blogging, sleep...) for the next month or so whilst I revise. Posts will slow down but will still be regular, and you can look forward to improved content when things start to pick up again in May.

Speaking of which, I've been planning to add a new feature on the blog for a while now, but had not been able to due to time constraints. I already post many street style shots from around the world, but the focus of this will be on the current UK scene. Most readers will already know that the content of the blog is diverse, including Islamic fashion show coverage, new hijab wraps, outfit ideas, sale alerts and articles. However I'm looking to make it more interactive (which means you guys can do the work for me hehe :D). This is so I can better achieve the aims of the blog - which is to make stylish modest clothing accessible to everyone. To that end, I'd like to invite readers to submit their own street style photos and share their style with us! Whilst many people look to celebrities as their fashion and style inspirations, I think as Muslimahs it's important we look to each other for support and style ideas.

So here are the guidelines:

1. Send in one clear shot of yourself (full-length preferably). Please note however, that any photos posted on the blog are available for everyone to view. So if you prefer, make sure that you are looking to the side, or pop on a pair of shades!

2. List what you are wearing and where you bought it from.

3. Write a little about your style and your number 1 tip - it can be anything from where to find the best tunics to your favourite colour combination.

4. Do bear in mind basic hijab rules - we want to promote modest dressing, so yes to maxi skirts and wide leg trousers, no to leggings and lyrca tops!

6. At the moment submissions are only open to UK residents - but this may change in the future.

7. Any submissions I do receive will be processed and posted after April - so the focus should be on Spring/Summer outfits.

8. There will be a small prize (tba) at the end of each season for the best submission!

E-mail your entries and any comments, tips or suggestions to

Have fun!


sameera said...

One word: awesomeness! :) I think this is such a cool idea, I may even be tempted to send in a photo!

All the best with your exams dear. Take care,

Sameera (I emailed you way back, so you probably don't remember me now!) ;)

Anonymous said...

oh this is a great idea :D

Anonymous said...

I will be looking forward to seeing the results from your readers, but I'm sad that you are keeping this only to the UK. Some of the rest of us might like to contribute eventually, and I would certainly love to see what sisters in other parts of the world send in as well.
Hope your exams go well.

Salma said...

That's a great idea Jana. I will defiantly submit an outfit soon.

Sameeha said...

Wow this is a great idea! can't wait to put up pics! love it!Modest yet trendy!!! Hi5 to all my sister's out there! xoxo

hippie_cyndi said...

good luck with your exams....I'll let my hijabi friends send out their awesomely hot pics :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea Masha'Allah!
One thing I'd like to see is trendy abaya wearing moms to be. Looking nice during pregnancy. Instead of just wearing an oversized abaya.

Phinno ji, said...

Whilst many people look to celebrities as their fashion and style inspirations, I think as Muslimahs it's important we look to each other for support and style ideas. <<<----- THAT IS AWESOME SAID JANA!!! JazakAllah!

mariam said...

I think this is a great idea! But I wish u wouldn't limit it to only the U.K. Good luck with your exams :).

Rahima said...

Salaam Jana

I am trying to email you but for some reason your hotmail ID keeps coming back undelievarable.

Please help

Jana said...

Rahima, it seems to be working fine? Are you sure you have the right adddress, it's

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Chica said...

wen u going to add the next installment sis... such a cool idea... ima send in a shot... but hide my face :)

AL Laylat Couture said...

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