Saturday, 21 March 2009

LTS Sale

Is Long Tall Sally the most amazing store ever? Their mid-season sale has just started, but what's more is that all clearance items are Buy One Get One Free for a limited time! They have plenty of smart and casual maxi skirts, as well as longer length cardigans and tops:


Adventurous Ammena said...

lol.. I just got my order this morning and I recommend girls if you can to go into the shop to just check things out first. There was an amazing looking skirt that I saw on the site but in the shop the material didnt look nice.. but Im really pleased with my purchases and I will be doing polyvore sets for them too

Anonymous said...

Salaams to all my sisters! There is a website called polvore that is so much fun if you want to experiment with outfits!

It has hundreds of clothes which you can narrow down by type or colour or shop(mainly american but a few UK sites too)

Put them on a canvas and create your own outfits - you can even layer tops ontop of each other and see the one below!

Iv had so much fun on it so far and its helped me decide what i should buy with similiar things i already have with the inspiration taken from hijab style!

WARNING: do not try if you have deadlines/work/exams!

Jana said...

Ammena, glad your happy with your order. I agree though it's always best to check things out in person. I ordered a white skirt a couple of days ago rfom LTS, so will let everyone know how it turns out!

As for all the polyvore love, check out my account if you haven't found me already:

ries said...

wawww beautiful cardigan....that skirt also adorable....

mImOsApuDiCa said...

I'm Mahfuzah Zahiedah from Malaysia....very nice blog, is the blue coat is fit???

~ Assalamualaikum ~

Anonymous said...

Selam aleykum,
I shop my self from LTS for years now,
and I must say,
aldo I am tall,
some of the suit jackets,
the slevess are longer then my arms,
and I think that they come bit bigger then UK size ,
good quality chlothing,
I would recommend.

sis said...

The long skirt reminds me about one that Hijab Now are selling now, really nice one.If you wany to shop for a reasonable price look up their great skirt collection.


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