Friday, 13 March 2009

Ladies' Charity Ball

A group called Sisters United UK are currently organizing their first charitable event. It is a ball (Paradise Must Be Won) for sisters only and the money raised from this event will be donated to women and children of war torn Palestine. It's taking place on the 21st March 2009, 5pm-10pm. Click on the leaflet for more details:


Anonymous said...

oh it looks great. very good initiative to donate the money to our brothers and sisters in need. unfortunately i don't live in the uk =(

Anonymous said...

MashAllah, wonderful idea! I wish I could participate by being present but alas, I can't. Also, the heel on the flier is a bit odd. I feel it makes a mockery of the Palestinian struggle (yes, I understand it is a sisters ball but still). Nevertheless, good idea.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, I will definitely attend.


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