Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hijab Sportswear

Finding appropriate sportswear for hijab is really challenging, especially as it starts to get warmer. (Islamic clothing companies, take note...) Whilst it's easy enough to find baggy bottoms, in all honesty I've yet to find a top I'm comfortable enough in when sweating it out in the gym. What would be ideal is a simple cotton long sleeved tunic that is loose in the body but a little more fitted in the sleeves.

Shukr though does have this Maliki hoodie (£34.95) which might be an option, espcially if you like to exercise outside. I'd wear only a thin vest top underneath to avoid overheating. Then just add jogging bottoms, and one-piece cotton Al-amirah, trainers, and you're all set:


hannah said...

Someone must make very long, loose tops that would be comfortable to wear while exercising without making you overheat!! But I have yet to find them... :p If you find something, I'd really appreciate you posting about it! :)

hkmb said...

well check this Turkish site... they have sport outfits for women with hijab


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum sis
hi its me again hal786-we used to email eachother aages back init??well did u go to the gaza event i told u about??it was quite good. how was the one tht you mentioned here??
erm, i know of some places that actually have reaaly good jilabas n stuff n ok prices too, n like sports ones too- theres modesty i know theyve got more branches they must have init its founded or sumthin by those singers the sound of reason eva herd of em???muslim bros, check out their pg on my blog if u like, ##

buh anyways theyv got reli nice sporty jilababs n difrent style jilbabas like one wid hoods n stuff reli cool..lol we dnt reli hav much mney to afford more stuff,,buh inshalllah i soo wanna buy from there!!

theres also another reeli good islamic shop not sure bout sproty stufff tho i think they always have new kinda stock comin in so its always difrent...i dnt think tho not sure if they got shops anywhere else--its called araya n its in the town luton, county:bedfordshire....
lol if ur eva down at luton den b sure to go to the 'bury park' plae its lyk an asian-fied place lyk greenstreet n soo many islamic stuff!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I often do sports and I have the trouble of finding suitable tops, I saw this hoody on shukr and I love the grey coloured one!
There is also a website which sells quite a few tops and skirts for sportswear; www.modestlondon.com
i ordered a long hoody similar to the one here from there a few months back, the quality could be better but its far from poor, and it was only £10.00!!!
liking the blog!

Anonymous said...

i like it!

lamoni said...

thanks for this!

i actually didn't think of amira hijabs. i think it's probably your best choice for going to the gym, it won't slip off if you're running and also the material is good for the heat. does anyone have suggestions of good, cheap places for amira hijabs, actually? (i'm in the states, btw.)

Anonymous said...

When I go to the gym, I find a cheap scarf from primark/ h&m does the job, theyre not see through and al - mira scarfs are a bit too thick. A primark long sleeve top only £3 baggy and fully covers, joggin bottoms and your done!

Anonymous said...

I found a great place to get comfortable clothing that is also modest enough for us Hijabi's. if you go to Eshakti you will find several yoga outfits that have long loose tops to work out in. :D

Anonymous said...

Rabia Z does sports wear; its like her speciality. Take a look at her "Emerging Talent" show collection in 2007. I love her long T's for the gym and the trendy and comfy track suits. Also the black velour sports sets with ghitra piping is adorable! I had the privilige of getting my hands on them in Dubai at the DSF :) Her team said that the sports wear and other everyday basics will be available for sale on her website soon!! Hurray!

Rabeea said...


Check this link...http://urbanmuslim.netfirms.com/new/shop/ , go into Clothing. They're sporty abayas. I can't imagine running in one but i can do the walking in it.
PLUS she has beautiful hijab pins and is in canada. I know she ships all over the world so no issues there.

Maryam Hajar said...

I LOVE everything on the Shukr website...in the U.S we don't have the choices you all have in the U.K..and Shukr is the best option for us U.S Muslimahs. All their clothing is of the best quality and their company is virtually fair trade and socially conscious.

rahma said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Honestly, I think I'd die if I went running in that shukr hoodie. The style is excellent, but 100% cotton? Yuck! Cotton retains moisture, and if you're out running for any length of time, you'd be drenched.

Do you all have under armour over there? Look for their HeatGear. It's a light weight, loose wicking fabric. I wear a larger men's size when I'm out, and it keeps me cool and dry.

If only companies could make tunics in wicking fabric, but alas, it is not to be (yet).


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