Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hijab Accessories: Corsages

There are lots of ways to use accessories to dress up your hijab; from headbands and undercaps, to pins and brooches. And if you love all those hijab styles twisted into flowers, but still can't figure out how to do them, there's a quick way of achieving that look. You can find corsages and flower clips in most shops these days, and they come in an array of colours and sizes. Make sure you look for ones which have a pin at the back as well as a clip, so you can attach it to your hijab easily. If it's a large flower, I prefer to attach it to one side at the back, at the point where I've got my hair tied up. This look is great for weddings and special occasions, especially in the Summer. These are a few flowers I found:

Top left to bottom right:

Pink corsage £12, Dorothy Perkins
Oversized silky flower clip £10, Accessorize
Blue fleur corsage £8, Long Tall Sally
Large cream corsage £10, Debenhams


Hum said...

Good tip, I've always wanted to try this out!

Sobeen said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I think the corsage idea is nice, but I'm not sure if I'm picturing it quite correctly in my mind. Could you provide pictures of ways you could wear the corsage on your hijab as well?

Sal said...

As-salaamu `alaykum,

I just wanted to share with your readers my experience with a online hijab company called 'Modern Musimahs' at

I emailed them over a month ago to ask them if they had the item I requested in stock and if they could ship it out immediately after I had placed the order. They sent me an email confirming they were able to do that. I placed the order and a month onwards and I still hadn't receive the item. I then emailed them to complain about thier poor service, they didn't even bother apologising in the response.

When I did finally receive the order today morning, they sent the wrong item.

Just to warn readers, don't bother ordering from such a company. It isn't worth the risk.

Stylomom said...

I love corsages and I wear them everyday, with my hijab... adds colour to my usual black... nice really and if you want cheaper ones, get them at Forever 21, for less than a fiver...

Anonymous said...

salaams sis i got corsages but only have worn them on jackets wud u show us how u wud wear them on hijaabs?
jazakAllah khayr

Anonymous said...

salaam ukhti, was wondering if you know any hair muslim hair dresser in london...sry 4 d randomness..:D

Ashi said...

That's a good idea...I have plenty corsages lying around un-used =|

Also just wanted to add, I found this site whilst searching for hijabs online:

They have hijabicaps in stock!! I've been after one for soo long...downside is they're in the US, so i can't really vouch for how well the service, shipping etc would be. But if I do give them a try, I'll be sure to let you all know how well they do =)

By the way I love your blog, really inspirational and insightful, so Jazak'Allah Khair for your hard work!!

Naani said...

Hi :)
My name is Thuma n im a muslim girl from Maldives. i jus discovered ur blog yesterday n em still browsin it. Its really kewl . . i cant wait to put tgther sme of th outfits uv out up here :) keep them comin!

Umm Salihah said...

I love this idea, I usually wear corsages on the front of my hijab where you would wear a brooch (near the shoulder), alhtough I have been asked if I am going to a wedding!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these nice ideas, there are many web sites provide such like these hijab accessories, check this one

anes said...

I love those corsages, it's pretty :)
do you have tutorial to use corsages on our hijab? thanks anyway.
salam :)


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