Saturday, 7 March 2009

Halimah Clothing Survey

I've had a request from one sister to post the link to a questionnaire she is carrying out, so it would be great if everyone could take a few minutes to fill it in:

Because of the lack of fashionable modest clothes in the UK and the rest of the western world, a group of Muslima’s are in the process of setting up a clothing line. This clothing line will mainly exist of maxi skirts and dresses because that is the most difficult to find and they will be based on the fashions in high streets shops.

To find out how great the demand for this clothing line is, we have set up a questionnaire.

You can access the survey here.


Anonymous said...

Did the survey!

BTW, I love your site a lot. I am a regular visitor.

Anonymous said...

what is with the bit at the end where it ask you about doing surveys for free??..I hope i don't get a load of email junk!

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

done the survey!

Anonymous said...

Did the survey. It would be great to see more maxi skirts and dresses available in the high street, really hope their idea works out for them inshallah


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