Sunday, 12 April 2009

Dubai Fashion Week A/W 09

Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2009 took place 5th-9th April 2009. The event brought together a variety of local creative talent, showcasing kaftans, evening dresses, abayas and more. There are often a lot of modestly-inclined designs, but the website is notorious for taking ages to put up the runway photos. I've managed to find a few, but do check out this brilliant slideshow from The National which has images for all the designers. My favourite this time round I think has to be Amal Murad's designs for Redaa. Maybe it's Brit thing, but the tartan prints on the abayas just look so chic!

Day 1: Royal Rickshaw

This company specialises in glamorous kaftans; I adore this first faded pink number:

Image: Pankaj Sharma

Images: ITP

Day 2: Mimi Fashion Designs

Mariam Al-Mazro of Mimi Fashion Designs also took part in the last edition of DFW back in October. Her designs still follow a similar theme of bright panelled full length dresses, but she's expanded into tunics as well as more conventional evening gowns:

Images: ITP

Chitra Amarnani, for Studio 8:

Day 3:

Homa Qamar, one of the Emerging Talent designers:

Image: AME Info

Day 4:

Sisters Reem and Hind Ali Beljafla of DAS

Amal Murad of Redaa:

Images: ITP


Maryam Hajar said...

All so beautiful...especially love the tartan plaid/black hooded coat.

iMuslimah said...

Loving the tartan...

Please add me to your list :)

Elwarda Style said...

I love Sisters Reem design. So elegant!

Sanaa said...

Love these two:

Mimi Fashion Designs

Sisters Reem and Hind Ali Beljafla of DAS

Bold and Beautiful. Modern and chick. :)

Anonymous said...

i like Amal Murad desgin, its chic and beautiful. Maybe, hijab can be a new trend in west..

Anonymous said...

I love fashion and how it brings people together. There should be an islamic fashion show in the United States as well.

hind beljafla said...

on the behalf of DAS Collection i would like to thank you all for the lovely comments , it means allot when we see people appreciating what we do ,
thank you again
Hind Beljafla


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