Thursday, 26 March 2009

Armine S/S 09

Turkish brand Armine have just launched their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Although the company only stock the scarves, I always love the rest of the clothing on their models too! Trench coats are a key piece as always, but I'm also really liking the draped blue top (pic 1) and the elegant white one (pic 3). If you love the eşarps, they're available to buy from Hijab Planet.


MushuThaLohari said...

Beautiful, masha Allah.

And uh oh, I want that coat that's in the second pic! It's totally like the one I've never known I'd been dreaming of having (if that made any sense?). The colour is perfect and it looks modest yet isn't a copy of several miljard other coats. Iwantitiwantitiwantit! :D

I wonder if I contacted Armine and inquired about it - would they give me a reply? I'd be ready to buy an eşarp or two, if needed. Whis is not that big a roblem, of course, because they are very beautiful themselves...


serife said...

Selam, and if you live in Germany, you can get them from

Heba said...

Do you know of any websites that sell Turkish clothes? I am in love with their elegant styles!

Aalya said...

I love these styles! That turquoise top is great!
I remember I went into one of these 'hijab' shops in Turkey (forgot which one it was) and wow...I so wanted to buy things there but alas they were very expensive! I loved how the saleswomen were all dressed in the same jilbab and scarves - like a

Anonymous said...

mashallah the scarves are very pretty!!! love the second one and third one!! yup the clothes are very elegant and sets the look perfectly!!!

Jazakallah for your blog!!! Its totally fab!!! Keep up the good work Inshallah!

Anonymous said...

I ordered some scarves (quite expensive) last year from this company Hijab Planet and wanted to exchange one scarf but they ignored all my requested despite stating on the website that refund and exchanges were allowed. I have emailed them many times but no response received. Not impressed with their after sales services considering how expensive their merchandise is. So beware !

Helen said...

I am crazy about your blog.

Selam from another muslimah blogger from denmark :-)

Jana said...

MushuThaLohari, LOL it's gorgeous isn't it? So much nicer than the usual neutrals.

Serife, thanks for the link!

Heba, I don't, but you can easily put together the look from regular shops. Trench coats are in season right now too!

Aalya, yep I remember the hijab shops in Turkey, all the scarves packaged in small flat boxes, and waaay too many to choose from!

Anon 1, Helen, thanks!

Anon 2, thanks for the warning!

winglady said...

wow! they are really wonderful, BEAUTIFUL clothes!

hippie_cyndi said...


Anonymous said...

i want them lovely long coats! where can i get one? i am petite as well!

Ioana said...

And I'm not even muslim.
Why can't women cover a bit more?
Ever seen a man with his chest bare, arms bare and knees bare when dressed in formal attire?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! absolutely stunning... any idea which website it is on???


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