Sunday, 8 February 2009

Muslimahs in Fashion Retail

A request for help from Professor Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion:

Everyone who reads this blog is interested in modest fashion, but do any of you also work in fashion retail? If so, perhaps you would consider helping me with research for my new book on Islam and Fashion.

I would the opportunity to speak with women [mostly but not exclusively hijabis] who work in mainstream fashion shops [full-time or part-time], or have done so recently: I want to find out if/how you felt that your 'visible' Muslim identity was a factor at work [with managers, colleagues, customers] and if anyone experienced any discrimination on this basis. I am focussing especially on women working in fashion as opposed to other types of retail because fashion more than any other type of shop work relies on front of house staff to embody the identity of the brand.

Whatever your experiences I would really like to hear about them!

I will be travelling the country this spring to do interviews. Interviewees’ identities will remain confidential in any publications that result.

Do please get in touch with me on

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