Friday, 27 February 2009

Hijab Style in Der Spiegel

Hijab Style was featured in an article about fashion blogs in Der Spiegel magazine. You can read the original article in German here. This is a roughly translated excerpt:

Fashion blogs: The Virtual Catwalk

Dialika Krahe

[....] There is also another scene in which street-style-blogs achieve more and more attention: On websites like Hijab Style young Muslim women discuss the different ways of wearing a hijab. Whoever might have thought that wearing a veil is a kind of uniform will quickly learn better on Jana Kossaibati's blog: "Every country has it's own hijab style", says the 19 year-old student from London. "For example in Turkey, most women wear silk square scarves which are brightly coloured. But in the Gulf, the most popular scarves are oblong shaped and black – usually referred to as ‘shaylas’. In Egypt they use brightly coloured oblong scarves which are often layered together."

Kossaibati's blog works like an international trend centre for Muslim women. They discuss about sleeves that are too short, trousers that are too tight, about colours, cloth and different ways of wrapping. "Hijab blogs", says Kossaibati, "are an expression of Muslim women's self-confidence." [...]


lizzz said...

Hi there,
I just read about your blog in the german magazine "Der Spiegel" (it's not "Speigel" actually.).

Great site, very good idea.

Rock on,
liz from berlin

Chica said...

Well done Jana - I am going to send some pics of a hijab collection I have designed. (I emeailed you some time ago from my gmail account & we talked about mine and my sisters fashion background and our dsire to bring new clothes for muslimahs) I will send them to your gmail account so let me know what you think ... around March time! :)

anne said...

Nice Blog! it is interesting to read about different mode accessoires

Sanaa said...

nicely written and oh-so-true :)

Anonymous said...

salamu aleikum

barakAllahu fiki, keep up your good work insha Allah!
greetings from zurich :)


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