Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Famous Faces: The Ladies of Halal-TV

Halal-TV is a show that was aired on Sweden's SVT and presented by Cherin Awad, Dalia Azzam Kassem and Khadiga El khabiry (pictured respectively). From the start, the programme caused a lot of controversy, which MMW discussed in detail here. This is the trailer from the show:

Dalia is a girl after my own heart (in more ways than one); a medical student of Lebanese origin, her hijab style is fresh and creative. I particularly like the striped pashmina she has on in the photo below. Khadigah, a dental hygienist, is often photographed wearing the layered Egyptian style. And Cherin may become the first practicing lawyer in Sweden to wear the hijab. If there are any Swedish readers who've watched the show, let us know what you thought of it! Here are more photos:


Anonymous said...

mashalah i rate these woman, shame we dont have something similar in english :(

Mariam said...

Thanks for posting this, it's definitely an inspiration! I wish they had an English version :)

It's ironic that in countries where there is (in my opinion) more discrimination towards hijabis... they actually have their own TV shows! Whereas here in the States they would never dream of letting a hijabi go on TV.

Sonia said...

I really like Khadiga El khabiry's style, and the way she spices up her outfit with different colors and patterns. She looks stunning!

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

looks indeed interesting
Thanks for the post
and I love the vibrancy of colour and variations with the styling of hijabs (clothing) by all three of them

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Finland but I did watch the show. I am not a muslim (just interested in islam), but I liked the show anyway. The show wasn't that much about topics that always are combined with islam, it was more about how these three muslim women look at Sweden. Topics that were discussed in the different programmes where for example sex, todays beauty standards & the growing gap between rich and poor. Sadly many in Sweden didn't understand why two of these women didn't shake hands with men they met during the show.. and that caused a large debate..stupid to put attention to such a small thing when the show as whole was good. and I like the style of especially Dalia and Khadiga.

x l said...

They're adorable, mA. :)

Dilshad said...

jana ur gr8..thx for the post..i like the colours and style.

Anonymous said...

Asalamo aleikom. I'm from Sweden and watched some of the shows. I was really happy about the show. I'm glad that the swedish television made a program with muslims. But a lot of muslims here were sceptic, said that they didn't represent Islam good enough. But no single person can represent Islam perfectly (except the profet Muhammad, salla lahu alehi wa sallam). If we see a swedish person on tv we don't expect every swede to be like that or represent the swedish law perfectly.
In the first program two of the girls didn't shake hands with a man they were going to interview (that man in the 6:th picture). He said that they should "go home" and "live in a cave" if they couldn't shake hands. And the debate was all about that muslims don't adjust enough to the swedish society.
Anyway, I'm sad that the program caused that much negative debate, because it just shows how much prejudice there is against muslims and that the swedish people are not open for other cultures or religions. :(
I hope people who watched it can think by themselves and don't listen to the narrowminded people who don't want muslims i Sweden, who completely took over the debate.
I'm really proud over my muslims sisters who had the courage for this.
Asalamo aleikom

fadz said...

I like Dalia's striped pashmina...very pretty :)

Naziehah said...

Masha-Allah what a great exposure and the girls are looking fabulous!

I'm really happy that their scarves are so colourful too. It is really projecting a positive image of Muslim ladies. Well done!

And what is the big deal with shaking hands anyway, even Donald Trump didn't like to shake hands.
He wrote so himself here.

People really shouldn't just judge other people's behaviour based on their own custom and culture. We really should learn to accept other people's differences and not making snap judgements and shallow observation.

R ^.^ said...

I love how people talk about how oppressed and unequal muslimahs are but yet we are expected to conform to the male dictated societal rule in the western world. We are oppressed for covering ourselves but free when we dress according to male dictated fashion.
I don't understand it, the media is so quick to judge us and come up with stereotypes about us, but will not look to their own society to see the injustices and inequalities that they accuse us of.
People are complaining that these women do not represent all muslims, that would never be possible except for Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), or having every muslim in the whole world on their own tv shows. I keep hoping and wanting to believe in people but everytime I see such negative comments and accusations about muslims (or anyone for that matter) it saddens me.
But on a lighter note I wish these sisters all of the best in their studies and the tv show.

Sanaa said...

"People really shouldn't just judge other people's behaviour based on their own custom and culture. We really should learn to accept other people's differences and not making snap judgements and shallow observation."

I totally agree with the statement. I went to NZ a couple of years ago with my family.People often stares at us for our hijab. And I said to myself..'here we go again. why do people always look at muslim in negative way?" At the airport, on our way back home, a young women came to us and said,
"I'm sorry but i need to know why are you wearing that?"
We explain to her in great details and she asked us some more questions like do we wear it inside our home..etc. In the end, she smiled.
Yes, she smiled really brightly and said, "Actually, this is the first time i see people wearing that. And now I know it serve as a good thing."

I wish more people could be like the young women. She choose to learn to accept other people's differences and not making judgements .

P/s: I love all the pictures in this post!!

kristinsdottir said...

Dalia looks so feisty! Great stripes!

Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Jana and to all sisters out there .

JazakAllah Khrair for these lovely pictures, such a splash of colors , just LOVE it.

Personally I prefer Cherin Awad.I love her super modest look, no loud clothes, chest covered ,no plucked brows, no apparent make up. She has such a mature attitude and genuine face. I love her coz she is just herself and not trying to prove a something.

Way to go girls
Take Care

M said...

Assalam aleikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatho!

I´m from sweden too, and I´m sooo proud to see this in your blog!:D
I was so happy when they started this show, and I must say they really inspired me when I started to wear Hijab! MashAllah, they are so beautiful!

Cecilia said...

I have whatched this show and I loved it! I was great! but it received much criticism, which was a shame! One journalist compared the girls with Nazism and it was a huge discussion on that Muslim girls do not shake hands with men in a debate about the program!

DjB said...


I read this entry a while ago, and not long after that I met Khadiga at the Stockholm mosque :) I told her abou the blog and all the positive comments and she was really happy over all your positive comments :D


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