Thursday, 26 February 2009

AFW Update

I posted about Arabian Fashion World back in January, and they've now confirmed the line-up of designers: Amina Al Jassim, Abed Mahfouz, Omar Kashoura, Samira Haddouchi, and last but not least Rabia Z, whose designs I've posted previously here and here. And the good news is I will be attending the event in April! I'm too excited about seeing the collections first hand and meeting the designers! I am a fan of both Al-Jassim's traditional Saudi dresses, and Haddouchi's Moroccan kaftans, but I'm especially looking forward to Rabia Z's collection as it's specifically geared towards hijabis.

Here are some of Rabia's latest designs which she displayed during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

You can check out Rabia's profile to find out more about her. Hopefully I'll try to take photos at the event to post here too!


o0UmmHasan0o said...

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sisters

Oh i love the 2nd pic on the right so lovely and original a shrug and abaya combo Really fresh and inspiring !

Keep up the gr8 gr8 blog Ukhti Jannah

Take Care

Maryam-Hajar said...

This is it!....I LOVE this understated look. so comfortable and classy.

LILY said...

Lucky you!!! Have fun, and PLEASE, let us know where Rabia Z sells her line, specifically in Dubai! Thanks, and I love ur blog, keep up the good work!

chica said...

i love these outfits... theyre so street chic...


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