Saturday, 31 January 2009

Yellow and Brown

Yellow and brown are not normally a colour combination I personally wear, but these model shots from Turkish labels Armine and Aydan Giyim got me thinking:

I adore this cute yellow coat, and it would go perfectly with a brown abaya, patterned hijab and smart brown accessories. Is this something you'd try out?

Yellow peterpan collar coat £65, Miss Selfridge; brown abaya £26.99, Islam Orient; chocolate shoulder bag £22, Debenhams; brown hijab £5.95, Hijab Store Online; cream opaque facet flower ring £12, Miss Selfridge; Johnie shoe £34.98, Aldo.


Stardoll Sisters said...

I've always thought that brown & yellow are good colour coordinations! Nice choice! :D

P.S. Usually how long does it take for you to choose & match clothings from different shops and put it up on your blog?

- Fia

Carib Muslimah said...

OMG, I have a yellow and brown outfit I'm coordinating as we speak. (I'm actually heading out to the mall today, insha'allah, to look for a yellow and brown hijab.) Sometimes we are SO on the same page Jana.

x l said...

Salaams. That's cute! I love the yellow and brown combo, but I haven't worn it in a while! Thanks for the reminder. :) And coincidentally, I just bought a yellow scarf to go with a scrub shirt that I have.

Ranita said...

Yes i'd like to try it of course! because i like brown and yello ! i had never try to wear a abaya with a coat, but i think i will try it soon inchaAllah !

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salamu-Alaikum Jana,

They are just gorgeous outfits! I'm a big fan of brown with almost everything.

I gave you an award. Please read my blog and find out all about it.

Fi Iman Ilah,


NiDa said...

i love your set! I love musterd yellow though never dared to wear it :( because I have such a light skin complexion... but that abaya is gorges too

Sonia said...

I am not a big fan of yellow or brown. But your post made me take a second look at this color combo. No bad. I usually like cream and brown, or yellow and black. But this is an interesting combination. I will definitely try it.

Anonymous said...

How do they tie these scarves? I am Turkish and I could never figure out how these scarves are tied so neatly. Do you happen to know any tutorials on this? I saw one youtube video but still my scarves dont end up like this. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family who wear scarves and I do not live in Turkiye. Next time I am there, I will definitely learn how to tie it and prepare a tutorial! Am I frustrated!

Jana said...

Glad everyone likes it! Maybe I'll give it a go soon :D

Fia, it depends, sometimes I find the thigns I need within half an hour, sometimes I have to search for things for days. It takes long because I only post current, affordable items from UK stores.

Anon, I posted a tutorial video here:

There are several more if you follow the link. Hope that helps!

Maryam-Hajar said...

Salaams Sisters,
I love this look..especially the scarf/hijab. As a new Muslimah, w/ gray hair...i'm finding that i don't have to worry about what colors 'go with' my hair color--since i wear i can wear brown or any color i want, and w/ the right accessories, it looks fine. So, i havent' worn brown i a long i will!
thanks, and Salaams

samira said...

I am found of the way turkish hijabi put their hijab. Does any one knows how to put it on this way?

bint alshamsa said...

I don't post here a lot but I do visit. I just wanted to chime in and say that I am a big fan of yellow and brown together.


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