Friday, 9 January 2009

Winter Chic

I know I posted about spring a few days ago, but right now this cocoon coat sounds like just the thing in this freezing weather. Jazz it up with a brooch, add some grey wideleg trousers and basic black accessories. Don't forget your gloves too:

Cocoon coat £60, Oasis; grey silk peacock scarf £14.99, Silk Scarves; wideleg striped trousers £38, Promod; Carbow court shoe £55, Faith; Marcarsite pearl flower brooch £8.53, Treasure Box; black snake print small shoulder bag £15; black three button gloves £20, both Debenhams.

Hint: The thing to look out for when coat shopping is the percentage of wool it contains. Ideally, 60% wool or more indicates good quality so your coat will keep you warmer and last longer!


Olesya ( said...

I really love your blog! Thank you!:) can i copy some of pictures? i'm living in russia and i have my little blog on the one of russiam muslim sites:) just want to show russian sisters how beautiful hijab can be:)(sorry for my bad english:)

Maryam said...

I don't know if anyone has seen the new style of celebrity-inspired gloves that are like half gloves. They won't hold up in the cold, but some look really cute. You can even make them yourself with a pair of leather gloves you already have.

Jana, I wanted to get your take on heels. I'm uncomfortable wearing them, but flats don't always look good with everything. Can fashion be small-heeled? :)

Pixie said...

You've been tagged:

Anonymous said...

Wooo! mine is 80% wool, knew this coat would be a good investement :)

Pixie said...

Salaam alaykom Jana,
I commented, LOL, and used WAAAAAAAY more than the 4000 characters allowed. It took me five????? comments LOL. I may be exagerating. It may be only 4.

Kat said...

I love the coat. Great color.

Jana said...

Olesya, thanks! Sure you can, no problem!

Maryam, you mean fingerless gloves? I posted about them back here:

As for heels, I usually wear flats on a day to day basis (there are loads of cute ones around) and save the high heels for special occasions. You could try kitten heels or shoes with small block heels for a bit of height that are still comfortable.

Pixie, thanks!

ymiss, lol :D

Kat, me too!


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