Monday, 12 January 2009

Polka Dots

Polka dots are set to be big news for spring, and this spot blazer is a great addition to any hijabi's wardrobe. Layer over a white shirtdress and jeans for a casual look, or go smart and sweet with this abaya with matching polka dot trim. It's easy to stick to monochrome accessories, but try this blush pink bag for a fresh twist:

Black and white spot blazer £35, Miss Selfridge; polka dot abaya £28.99, Islam Orient; cream pashmina £2.60, Pinz Pinz Pinz; pink scoop shoulder bag £49, Debenhams; black toe-cap ballet pumps £20; enamel rhinestone stripe ring £9, both Dorothy Perkins.


aysh said...

Very nice!
Masha Allah you are doing a fantastic job :) I love your blog but my bank balance is suffering!!

Anonymous said...

Salam,everything looks beautiful. You have style,Jana.

Carib Muslimah said...

Everyone who knows me know I am CRAZY about polka dots. I'm always on the lookout for them.

Anonymous said...

Do not post Miss Selfridge clothes! Do not buy them! Don't you know Selfridges are on the black list of companie supporting Israel with their income...?!

Jana said...

Aysh, lol thank you!

Anon 1, thanks :)

Carib Muslimah, I think polka dots are the classiest print, and the easiest one to wear.

Anon 2, if you're going to make claims like that please post some evidence ok? I posted a link under 'Support Palestine' which shows a list of companies, and Miss Selfridge and the Arcadia Group are most certainly not there.

Happy Muslimin United said...

SubhanAllah beautiful outfit!
I ♥ your blog :)

Sanaa said...

Excellent combination. I always love polka dots and thinking of buying another one. perhaps, after i receive my first salary ;P

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Oh I love those flats !!! :D

Anonymous said...

New Look are selling a pretty polka dot tote bag for £6 for all you polka dot fans!

Anonymous said...

Salam aleikum
I have a nice polka dot kuwait in my store!Check it out,would go lovely with this outfit,great work Jana!

salwa said...

the abayas from islam orient are they good quality? they are not cliny are they? do they skrink after washes? i really want to start wearing abaya i bought a few over the summer and tehy shrank and now sit nicely at my shins!!! so i cant wear them and they were lovely colours too :( i bought them from morocco and in london. and i love islam orients abayas but im worried they will be clingy and srink and look awful on me. im 5'6 and a size 12/14 so im hoping they will fit nicely i dotn mind if they are long as i am quiet handy at the sewing machine but if they are short or shrink ill be upset. i dont want to waste my money basically lol.
any advice on thier quality?

Jana said...

Salwa, I've heard from others that the linen abayas crease a heck of a lot, and the fabric rides up when walking. Also that although they mention that they add extra inches for the fabric to shrink in the wash, this doesn't happen so the abayas tend to be too long.


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