Friday, 16 January 2009

More from Awatif Al Hai

I last posted on the beautiful jalabiyas by Kuwaiti designer Awatif Al Hai, and these are more of her creations, this time focusing on long embroidered jackets and kaftans worn over trousers. They have a much more relaxed feel, and probably something I'd wear at home in front of guests:


Fatty said...

Salaam sis

Hope you're well. I think this site is amazing and am so glad to have randomly found it! I love how you display a great sense of style without comprimising on modesty - exactly what I wish to do too :)

Since you're so aware of hijabi friendly items, I was wondering if you'd come across anything like this:

It's basically a cotton collar that can be worn as an under garment to conceal the upper chest area, even when tops have long sleeves etc. I think it's brilliant and can see the need for it in my daily life. Unfortuntately, the site is a US one so the costs of delivery is too way, way too high! Do you know of any UK based places that sell anything of the sort??

Really look forward to your reply! And keep up the inspirational blogging!

Fatty x

Candice said...

I really like these more laid back looks. I love the 3rd one (light pink with the black detail) and the purple one 2 under it. :D

Minaretmuse said...

The black and white poncho-style top (3rd from top) is lovely! I usually love jackets with embroidered edges, but some of these designs look a bit super-sized. Surely a bit of tailoring is possible while maintaining a modest fitting?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pants outfits! Thanks for posting them! I esp love the 4th and 5th from the top on the rt side! Mash'Allah!

ana rauda said...

lovelyyyyy :)

stylomom said...

I so adore them and Im going to have them made... yes copy the style with my very own version... so nice, thanks Jana!

denhan18 said...

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