Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hijab Chic: More from the Fashionistas Down Under

So it's summer over in Oz right now (lucky for some), and this article explores how Muslimahs are making the most of maxi dresses on the quest for modest summer fashion (I was massive fan of them last summer, hopefully there'll be lots around this year too!). The sisters in the photo look lovely too; I'm loving the orange dress, and the denim waistcoat:

Janice Breen Burns
January 9, 2009

THE graceful maxi-dress sashayed into fashion just in time for summer and in certain Muslim circles, the joy was palpable. "It's fantastic," says youth and community worker, Saara Sabbagh, 37, delighted. "We're all out there, stocking up on maxis now."

In shops from Supre to Sportsgirl and many small boutiques, summer's crop of maxi-frocks is a rich and colourful windfall for many Muslim women. Not only that, many of the prettiest are still on sale. "I got this for, I think, $30," says university student Nadine Sabbagh, 19. She shakes out the skirts of a silky, flame-orange floor-grazer that she has cleverly teamed with a nut-brown jersey bolero and terracotta silk headscarf.

Her friend, postgraduate psychology student Toltu Tufa, 22, is also a gifted editor of summer trends. She pulls on a cropped Dotti denim vest, giving a funky finish to the swathe of sage-green floral she's matched to an airy silk headscarf, elegantly swag-draped almost to her waist at the front. She's sharpened the green with crisp white sleeves and the visible two-finger-wide arc of an underscarf across her forehead. "I shop here and there — all over — to find what I want," Ms Tufa says.

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Candice said...

I loooove the look, especially the front one with green beige and brown. That would totally be me. :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana, I'm keen on fashion and i do tailoring sometimes.One day i thought, why hijabi dress can't be trendy, beatyful and warm? and i hand knitted a long sleeveless dress during my holidays from college. would you like to take a glance? I'd appreciate your comment.

Assalamu alaykum

Celeritas said...

Wonderful article and don't the sisters' look gorgeous. Alhamdulilah for a positive story.

Anonymous said...

Love these colorful...anyone know where can i find them in plus size?
maryam hajar

Jana said...

Candice, very cute :D

Anon, sure, just forward it to my email address which you can find on the right hand side of the page.

Celeritas, mashallah they do!

Maryam Hajar, most UK stores won't really have many in stock right now. Closer to the summer they probably will though! You can try these stores for plus size clothing:

Anonymous said...

oh i love this look, they are very beautiful mashallah. i wonder does anyone know how to do the hijab like the girl to the right in the picture? it looks really good

tukangpin said...

muslimah's wear is very beautiful. no doubt about that. it brings peace and a difference. i appreciate your blog so much. thanks

Anonymous said...


I would really like to learn how to wrap the hijab like the girls in this picture - the one in the green hijab. Does anyone know how or know a website that shows how to do this? Thanks


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