Wednesday, 7 January 2009

For Aussie Readers: Baraka

Baraka is a modest clothing company set up Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh, based in Sydney Australia. This is what they say about their brand:

"Our designs are a fusion of both our Islamic and Western worlds in which we live in . They’re a blend of east meets west, combining beautifully to produce relaxed modest pieces with added vibrancy and style."

I love the relaxed feel and simplicity of the garments. They also sell layering essentials like long sleeve tops and boleros to complement the signature pieces. What do you think of Baraka?


Elina said...


I check your website cery regularly, but I havent left a comment so far. Really enjoying your blog.

I personally dont like this brand. Checked the web site as well. I think they are too simple, the shirts are absolutely horrible.

I like loose but beautifully printed or coloured clothe with feminine details.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this brand either. It looks cheap and the clothes have ugly colours.

Anonymous said...

I think that they need to work on their presentation. Some of the photos make the clothing look wrinkled and unattractive. It is difficult to tell if the clothing itself looks better than the photos indicate.
Usually I love your choices, but not enthusiastic about this site.

Jana said...

Elina, thanks.

Anon 2, let's keep criticism constructive ok?

Anon 3, those were the exact comments I gave in my feedback to the Baraka team. They certainly have a lot to improve on, but the reason for the post was to illict more feedback from consumers for them, so they know what to work on. And who knows someone might benefit from the link and see something they like!

Anonymous said...

i like the Yuki peach shirtdress but otherwise i totally agree about the presentation, like that denim bolero looks like it would be quite stylish maybe with a brooch and if it was ironed. i can see potential though :)

Celeritas said...

I quite like some of the long shirts and denim pieces. The prices however are quite considerable for basics. Modest Western style workwear is especially lacking and if they focused on some tailored suiting pieces I would definitly be interested.


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