Saturday, 17 January 2009

Day-to-Evening: Student Style

When it comes to layering, not quite everything is going to work. My personal rule of thumb is only to layer tops that at least have a short sleeve. Strappy tops, halternecks and strapless tops look pretty cheap and tacky if worn over a fitted long sleeve top. That doesn't mean we can't make them work though. A simple solution is just to add a cardigan or jacket on top. This also solves the problem of having bra-straps visible through the long sleeve tops, which is a both a fashion and hijab faux pas.

This outfit is something I'd wear if I had uni during the day, and was going out with friends later on. Team a pretty printed satin dress with a long black cardigan and wide leg trousers. To cover up the neckline, I usually wear a black t-shirt underneath the dress, and a large coloured pashmina will keep you warm too. Satin flats are comfortable enough to be worn all day, but still look glam - look for brightly coloured or jewelled versions if you prefer. Then just add a big bright handbag to compliment one of the colours in the dress:

Green paisley border print dress £50, Debenhams; knitted long line cardigan £32, Topshop; green pashmina £6.99, The Hijab Shop; black button wide leg trousers £25; pink ruched buckle bag £25, both Dorothy Perkins; black satin rouched bow pumps £12, Debenhams.


Lestari said...

You know,I love reading your blog.Its really inspiring.More or less the temptation to wear hijab is already there but..I think its not the right time for me.Maybe you could put more videos or make videos about women who wears hijab.

Carib Muslimah said...

I really like this outfit.

Anonymous said...

wow Jana you'd wear that to Uni? you've gotta be the most stylish uni student!

Anonymous said...

Love those satin shoes! Thanks Jana.

Sanaa said...

I agree with Lestari. I wear hijab all my life but I've been sticking to the same style.I want to experiment with diffrent style, esp those that looks great over a jacket. I hope u can add more tutorials on that.

Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum

i like this outfitt i have a similar one but i wear it during summer or spring

take care

Jana said...

Lestari, thank you! One thing I think you might find inspiring is the famous faces section of the blog:

I profile Muslim women who wear hijab and who are successful in their chosen fields - everything from actresses to politicians to athletes. Just goes to show hijab isn't a barrier to your aspirations in life. May Allah make it easier for you! You might also want to read the article 'tips for beginning to wear hijab' which you can find here:

CM, thank you!

Anon 1, LOL i resent the scruffy, dirty student stereotype :D

Anon 2, you're welcome.

Sanaa, I've posted over 40 different hijab styles on the blog, you can find them all here:

Mi Mi Mi said...

I posted a few pics on hijab outfit in my blog!

The dress is a bang! I'm so over dresses right now! and long dresses too!

Sabrina said...

I love that black cardigan! They really are such an easy addition/fix to any outfit, and I wish I had 100 of them in 100 different colors:)

Anonymous said...

this outfit is wow...
and yea i agree it looks good for summer or spring love the colors and the dress is beautiful i have something like that but this one is more pretty.


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