Thursday, 8 January 2009

Arabian Fashion World hits London

Arabian Fashion World aims to bring the work of Arabian fashion designers to a UK audience and will be taking place on 6th April 2009 at InterContinental London Park Lane. You can read more about the event here.

Five designers are going to take part in a fashion show. Though the list has yet to be finalised, they include Amina Al-Jassim whose work I've featured previously here and here. I'm intrigued as to who the other participants are, and whether or not they will have a focus on 'traditional' (and usually more modest) designs?

The event looks really promising, and there are plans to make it a 3-day annual event! Unfortunately attendance is by invite only, but I'd definitely be on the look out for photos and the opportunity to find out about more designers.


farzana said...

hey girl...ur blog rocks! im a first time visitor..n ive spent 3 hours going through ur posts...i lovelovelove it... thanks 4 all..cheerz...may allah shower his blessings on u 4 encouraging gals 2 dress up in an islamic way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jana,
what is Islamic about this dress/hat??--w/hair showing? its long and has sleeves and is somewhat modest, and has a cover on her head...but although beautiful, it looks like any costumey couture fashion... i love the maxi-girl styles in the other post much better.
maryay hajar

Jana said...

Farzana, thanks :D

Mayam Hajar, I never said there was anything inherently 'Islamic' about it. This photo is just an example of the designer's work


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