Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Arrivals at LOSVE

My favourite modest clothing company LOSVE, have just added two brilliant ranges to their collection of long skirts and long sleeve tops. The student wear range includes long denim skirts and plenty of stylish tunics, and I really love the gorgeous e┼čarps in the new range of work wear.

I like the fact that they've used dark denim instead of light for the skirts, which can sometimes have a hippy-ish feel. The longer length shirts are also perfect for teaming with either trousers or skirts. The range is also great value for money with prices for tops starting at £17, skirts at £25 and esarps at £10, and they do free UK delivery! What do you think of the new LOSVE ranges?

Check out my exclusive interview with the team here.


jessyz said...

Everything looks so cute! The best thing it is hijabi friendly without being tacky or boring.

Aalya said...

I love these...and I had a peek they delivery to Canada and the shipping charge is not too bad... akk! There is one skirt I love - maybe in the new year they will have a sale on it!
Thanks for posting!!

ana rauda said...

yeahh...i like it!!wish i live in the UK :(

pineappleslice said...

hey, if you or anyone you know has ordered anything from there recently/is planning too, I have a question: a lot of the stuff they say is "loose fit" actually looks pretty tight to me... like ( for instance...I was wondering if they actually are as tight as they look on the models/if ordering a size up helps?

Anonymous said...

love the styles but i have found that they come quite fitted and i had to return my usual size and exchange for two sizes up before it was a 'loose fit'...but the customer service is great so if you email them they'll even advise/give exact measurements before you purchase

Anonymous said...


My name is Abdulrahman of LOSVE and I would like to explain what we mean by loose fit.

When I buy an item online, I want as much information as possible, particularly on fit. By loose fit we mean that for each size the item will not cling to the body and will drape over it.

This is not bullet proof, but hopefully it will help in the ordering process. Of course we are happy to answer any questions ( and we ship for Free in the UK and offer a full refund :)

Jana has posted about how well LOSVE items fit here:

I will let others chip in too ...

ana rauda,

We ship to many destination world wide. You can check yours here:

Please get in touch if your country is not listed.

Abdul R Hummaida

Anonymous said...

Salaam alikom wa ra7mato Allah
I like your posts a lot! I have a question for you. My brother in law and his family are coming over next week and I donno what to wear at home to feel comfy, not too warm and at them same time, allow me to work in my kitchen while they are around since my family room is open to my kitchen...any ideas of good looking but home wear thing you have? jazaki Allah kair and the sister out there too;-)

Jana said...

Anon 2, a cotton jalabiya or house dress is ideal. You can just slip it on, and it won't make you too hot, but will look pretty too. This site has a large selection:

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...


Sure. Garments made from different fabrics will fit differently and we are getting better at making the right decisions on these. When we do get it wrong, we'll put our hand up and fix it quickly - this goes for everything we do :)

I really do appreciate your feedback so please keep it coming. If you would like to contact us directly then email

PS : you have given me an idea to say what size each model is wearing on the pictures - thanks.

Abdul R Hummaida

Anonymous said...

wow i love the brown skirt (3rd pic) :D

Afsha said...

Jzk sis!
I just ordered a jacket in the sales from LOSVE! First time I heard of them!
Cant wait for it arrive!


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