Monday, 29 December 2008

Nanees' Hijab Styles

A while ago I posted several step-by-step picture guides to different hijab styles as shown by Egyptian model Nanees Selim. I also uploaded the video guide to the basic shayla wrap, but it's only now that I've found the other videos on YouTube. They should be a lot easier to follow than just the pictures, so if you liked the Egyptian Street Style pictures, try these out for yourself.

Note: I'd personally pull down the bonnet cap and scarf over the ears too.

Two scarves:

Hijab Wrap:

Flower Hijab Wrap:


The Queen Bee said...

i just bump into ur blog. wow! i love it so much!! thanx for giving so many tips!! Love it to itsy bitsy! Can't wait to try em!

Louiza said...

Hey Jana, do you know where I can find plain coloured chiffon scarves like the purple one in the first video? I usually wear pashmina-type hijabs but I think they might be a bit heavy for summer, so would love something lighter and thinner! Thanks :)

Jana said...

The Queen Bee, thanks!

Louiza, Scarf World has plenty of chiffon scarves, you can find them here:

The 'simple chiffon shawls' are the best size for hijab.

Carib Muslimah said...

I think the challenge for me is being patient. I keep expecting to fling on the hijab and wrap it like I normally do and this will take some practice before that happens.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone could help me find some dark brown casual trousers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jana
Alsalamoalaikom! Often you post the beautiful street styles from different countries such as; Syria, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey. I found all of them very pretty and modest, however, I distinctly remember some sisters commenting on the Turkish style hijabs. According to those sisters tying hair in a bun on top of head is haram and women who do that will have their heads like camel humps in hell. I also remember your clear explanation to that hadith but because usually I wear my hijab in turkish style, it kindda bothered me a bit to think what if I am doing something haram by tying my hair high up on my head. I did some research on the topic and found this link very useful. I was thinking there might be some sisters out there who are confused, like me, about tying their hair in that manner and the particular hadith people often refer to. Here in this website the explanation of that hadith is very clear and I hope it would help clear the confusion. Please, let me know if you find any flaws to the explanation of the hadith as I am not 100% certain about its authenticity.



Jana said...

Carib Muslimah, I'm sure if you practice a couple of times it'll become easy. These ones are pretty straighforward and I know girls who wear their hijab like that everyday.

Anon, Dorothy Perkins has a few in:

Try Promod too!

Dia, thanks for taking the time to look into this. In all honesty tying hair up into a bun was never something I'd dream of attaching significance to until commentors on this blog started making convoluted interpretations of a hadith by themselves! I'm not a scholar so I can't explain any more than what I have read personally. And the fatwa you posted was given by an eminent scholar, and makes perfect sense, I see no reason not to believe it. Furthermore, I think it would be helpful if people who make this into such an issue (when none is there to begin with) read this article too:

Anonymous said...

carib muslimah, yeah I tie my hijab like the style shown in the second video and people really like it, once you get used to it,it becomes second nature.

Anonymous said...

You are talking about a hadith about camel humps, but what about the Qu'ran? Isn't the Qu'ran to be more respected and followed than a hadith or a fatwa? Why bother worrying about a hump when the supposed hijab styles here do not follow the order of hijab as given in the Qu'ran which is the "extend the scarf to cover the bosom"?

Jana said...

Anon 3, as per usual, the ignorant and rudely-phrased comments get posted here anonymously, but from now on I'm going to paste the standard answer to this type of complaint, because it's getting really tiring:

Ayah 24:31 needs to be seen in context. Many women at the time used to walk around in clothing which was split at the front, and so exposed the chest. They would also wear scarves loosely on their heads, which didn't cover properly. So the ayah is asking them to used their head coverings 'khimars' to cover their exposed chests. We can see that this is a very particular command. It does not mean that women at all times, and all places must wear their head scarves down over their chests. If the clothing is loose enough to cover the chest by itself, then that is sufficient. If not, then by all means draw your scarf over your chest. Simple. These styles can easily be adapted for that.

I hope that addresses your concern.

Jana said...

P.S. as I've stated a hundred times before, the comments section is not a free-for-all for people to discuss issues that none of us are qualified to do. Useless lengthy debates will not be entertained or tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jana,,it's easy to get confused by all the differing positions. I am a recent revert and am having a problem wearing hijab, and am wondering if any other Sisters experience put it directly: I have a HOT head! :-)
As a menopausal woman, I have a hard time not feeling like ripping off the head scarve for some relief at times. Anyone have some suggestions? I do wear a 100% cotton tube-underscarf and try to wear light hijabs, but it's a problem for me..or maybe one I should just get used to, since being uncomfortable is one of the small sacrifices we make in order to follow the ruling of Islam..and gladly, i should say.
Maryam Hajar

Umm Hannah said...


You can also check out this video for Malaysian hijab styles:

Umm Hannah

Michelle said...

Assalam alikum, you know in the second video, the black underscarf/headband thing, the first thing she's wearing on her hair, I want one exactly like that! I'm getting married. Do you know where I can find one?

I've searched all over and many of them are just headbands for the front hairline, and others extend further back but leave a hole so you can let your hair from your ponytail or bun stick out. But the one Nanees is wearing all the hair can fit in comfortably in it. I want it for my marriage day because it kind of makes the back bun look "bigger" and more perfectly rounded if you know what I mean...

Please help xx

Jana said...

Michelle, you can find them here:

Michelle said...

I have checked the page before.

The bonnet caps are not the same as the one Lamees is wearing in the video.

The ones on the website they tie back. The one lamees is wearing just slips on and envelops all the hair, unlike the ones on the website where your hair from the ponytail would stick out of the bonnet.

dsy said...

oh, these looks pretty handy..
I usually wear square scarf.. this is the most common in my country.. so.. I really want to try the styles for a variety
I'll also see if somehow it would work for square scarf as well.. ;)


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