Monday, 15 December 2008

Mo7gbat Product Review

I was recently asked to do a review of a new product in the Islamic fashion market. Mo7gbat (which simply means muhajabas/hijabis) is a collection of 6 CDs that teach you how to wrap around 50 different hijab styles. The CDs are produced in Egypt, but they also include instructions for Gulf and Turkish style hijabs, as well as the more creative Egyptian styles. Here are just a few of the ones shown:

At the moment the website is only in Arabic, but the team are working on getting an English interface up soon. Another problem is that the instructional videos are also only in Arabic, so that may prove difficult if you are not a native speaker. However, I watched the videos without sound at first, and found them fairly straightforward. Check out these sample videos to decide for yourself:

The CDs would be great for beginnners and seasoned hijabis alike, especially those who find the written and picture instructions difficult. So now no more excuses for boring hijab days, but are you a fan of Mo7gbat?


Fia said...

No not really a fan. But great work, though!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Jana
Its always with gr8 pleasure and admiration that I read your blog and get to appreciate the effort you put in.

I love hijab wrap tutorials and i always check the new ones on youtube . These ones ( theres 3 of them right ?) have been there for a while now.I ts been fun to watch them and though i dont understand all the Arabic words the steps are clear to me as you can see how its beeing done stepwise.Overall i think the product is fresh and innovative and the styles quiet achievable. Just one point is that i could not really figure out the size and materials of the shaylas and the type and size of pins being used.Also regarding coverage non of the style really cover the bosom area, but i guess this is typical of Egyptian wraps.But this of course can be remedied easily.

I would love to have these CDs but personally i cant afford them.
It would be gr8 if sisters who got the CDs could post bits and pieces inshaAllah .That would be really helpful.
Keep up the gr8 work
JazaAllah Khrair

Anonymous said...

Where I live, hijabs are quite easy to come by so ordering online os pointless.
But those videos seem interesting, might try and be adventurous with my hijab now!

Anonymous said...

i liked the first video, i think it's really nice to wear the hijab that way...
I am not wearing hijab today but InchAllah i intend to real soon InchAllah..

Anonymous said...

The first video took 7.5 minutes, about 15 pins, two hijabs and two people! I like to look nice, but this kind of time and effort is a little much.

While I appreciate sisters helping each other to wear hijab (a big step), if we are to guard our modesty, then my personal opinion is that it shouldn't include making a scarf look like a fancy hairstyle with a flower on the side. It will attract attention just like our hair would and defeat the purpose.

May Allah guide us all to the right path.

Jana said...

Fia, thanks!

Anon 1, regards the chest coverage, the simple solution would be to modify your clothing to achieve that, e.g. with a jacket, shawl, etc. And I don’t think anyone would be able to post clips without permission of the owners, as that would be breaching copyright ;)

Hfm, have fun!

Anon 2, inshallah!!

Anon 3, I take it you are referring to the 1st video of the CD collection, and not the one posted here. I’m not sure what’s with your exaggerations, as I counted 1 person, and about 8 pins at the most.

And at the end of the day, so what? On a really bad day it can take me up to 5 minutes to do just a simple shayla! And to be honest, I’m pretty sure this isn’t something you’d wear everyday to work anyway, so it would be for special occasions. It’s hardly extravagant! These things are all relative - remember the product is being marketed to the whole world. In some countries this is perfectly normal way to style your scarf (think of African ladies with their headwraps).

And I don’t buy into the theory that having a marginally interesting scarf is ‘attracting attention’. This has not been proven whatsoever in my experience. In hijab, people are going to look at you anyway, no matter what you do! And I do like the idea of showing people that we can be creative whilst still covering up. Let’s stop and think before jumping on this tired argument and telling each other what does and doesn’t constitute modesty please!

Anonymous said...

alsalamoalaykom jana
I totally agree with you over the pretty(yet modest) hijab theory...i used to wear a really really simple hijab (black triangular one)and no body ever said anything good (neither bad)about my hijab so i was like, i have to represent my religion and our practices as something exemplary and beautiful. One day i was tryin' to figure out how to wear a scarf in a nice, yet modest way, and i came across those turkish hijabs...o boy! They were sooo cute and i just fall in love with after a loooong search i finally got my hands on em and guess what??? I received(still receiving) complements from almost every other person(all female from various cultural and religious backgrounds) in my school...and I feel so proud to represent my religion in a positive and beautiful more thing, your blog is something i never forget to check, kinda like every day routine thing:) great work!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'd love to have English versions of those videos, if it were ever possible. I am trying to teach myself a variety of scarf-tying techniques (I wear scarves for coverage on my head because I have alopecia) and those videos seem very helpful and creative. I am sure many English-speaking women would like those videos.

x l said...

Assalaamu alaykum, Nice videos. It's so funny to me to see videos of this. I'm an African-American Muslim, and I've worn hijab like this before and just did it for myself. :) But it's cool to see instructional videos for those who may not be able to figure out how to wrap it differently. It is a challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your comment Jana. You are right the Muslim clothing for women should be MODEST and it doesn't mean we have to look dull or even ugly. Many Muslims think - no make up (except in front of your husband...), black hijab... otherwise you might attract somebody. I think you can look beautiful and modest at the same time. I just bought some lovely turkish hijabs and can't wait to wear them!


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